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In 2017 it’s become clear that links and content need to work in a co-ordinated fashion to get the best, consistent SEO results.

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Part One – Why these tools?

Part Two – Why buy from this website?

Part One – Why you need these tools

In a competitive niche your website needs content and links –

Feed Your Content Hungry Links With Kontent Machine

The content you use needs to be unique to get full impact. Kontent Machine 3 has been the number one content scraper and manipulator for serious SEO use now for almost 5 years. regularly updated and extremely powerful. It seamlessly works alongside all major link building tools and in particular is a dream alongside GSA search engine ranker.

Let’s suppose you are making tiered links and need massive amounts of ultra high quality, human readable, Google friendly content – and that all this content needs to be unique, yet entirely in context and relative to your topic.

Articles, posts, pages and supporting content. If you are serious about competing in tough niches you are going to need a lot of content to support the link structures you are building, and it’s going to need to be on topic and unique. That’s a tough ask normally.

How can you turn a lot of content you’ve gather with Kontent Machine 3 into the huge amounts of unique, high quality human readable text required to support huge numbers of links?

Learn More about Kontent Machine

Enter GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker has been the go-to SEO tool for several years now. Offering immense power and control. The ability to place your links on many different site types and in just the best way to bring you and your site the most benefit.

As we all know, links are vital and these days they work best with great content.

Your links whether on PBN, WEB2 or anywhere else need to be surrounded by contextual content to get the best benefit.

Learn More about GSA Search Engine Ranker

Enter WordAI

Ouch! WordAI is far and away the best content spinner available for SEO today. The standard spinner available for a really low monthly fee is as good as anything you will find from any other spin automation software. But with WordAI that is just the start.

The Turin spinner takes content to the whole next level. It’s an absolute beast and can turn a few articles into hundreds upon hundreds of superb pieces of written content. Human readable, SEO friendly and capable of real click through from site visitors.

Learn more about WordAI.

To keep control of your projects and co-ordinate between tools with slick ease you might also benefit from;

SER Powerhouse

Bringing together Kontent Machine and SER Search Engine Ranker, this brilliant addition to your SEO toolkit allows you to have full control of your projects. Create structured tiered link structures with ease with this excellent addition.

Why Automate?

You can write all your own content, beg, borrow your own links and spend hours in front of a keyboard spinning your own content

Or you can automate as much of it as you can.

Automation takes the sweat out of creating highly performing SEO campaigns.  There are many tools out there that claim to provide solutions to these issues. Here at Kontent Machine 3 we have put together a highly cost effective, extremely well

Part Two – Why buy from this site ?

This site is run by Scritty. With 20 years SEO experience, a well known member of major SEO forums and with a track record of providing great value and information to the larger internet marketing community.

When you buy through this website you get a second tier of accountability.

To begin with, these tools are picked for good reason.

  • They are the best at doing what they do.
  • The developers have a long term record of supporting them.
  • They are highly cost effective.

Then, by buying through this site you are getting them via me, Scritty, a well known and long standing SEO professional.

Someone who you will find on sites like BHW, someone who will answer your emails and queries on the forum.


Scritty image

Scritty. Find me on BHW and other forums

I have a relationship with the developers of many of the best SEO tools. I can request features, report bugs, ask for support on your behalf, and if you followed me previously on DemonDemon you’ll know I have a long standing record of supporting my customers. That is something that will continue here!

So when you buy through this site you get a second tier of support, and I look forward to meeting you on the other site.