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Is Kontent Machine 3 Launching 4th November 2013?

Great news, Kontent Machine 3 is launching, and we will have the biggest discount for both the normal subscription AND the lifetime offer right here.

Also the bonus – You will qualify for the 100% private members forums at DemonSeo where we offer link lists, training materials, indexing tools and a great community.

Kontent machine 3 is now all about getting natural content, creating great backlinks and keeping your site safe on the internet.

Here’s the feature video for KM3


At the end of the day, we do not encourage the creation of spam here. However, Kontent Machine 3 is always best employed as an SEO productivity tool, something to take away a lot of the “busy work” that will typically take up so much of your day.

Syndication, content curation, running your own first tier of high quality sites. It all takes time, and doing all this by hand in competitive niches is probably not possible.

That’s Where Kontent Machine 3 Comes In

Allowing you to broadcast or syndicate your high quality content to your own network. To curate articles from authority webmasters on the fly. To research a niche and get source material.

And of course to great almost unlimited amounts of content for posting with push button ease. Integrating as it does with so many of the world leading spinning tools including (of course) the cream of the crop “Word AI”

With these two working in tandem, you will not need to spend hours wading through tens of thousands of words of content, creating, editing and checking for readability and uniqueness. It’s all done for you.

So grab the lifetime license on the 4th November 2013. It’s not going to be around for long!

Unique Content For Link Building

Link building is one of the most important things that you should know when promoting your website. A campaign of strategically placed links with good variation of content, anchor text, platform and made over a period of time is vital and a well known technique used by serious professionals who promote their websites with search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Kontent Machine makes this a very simple process for you

It is a great method that can be used to boost your ranking on the search engine. However, you should create link building with good content, otherwise search engine is going to potentially penalize your site.

In this article, you can learn how you can create link building that has good content. There are several useful tips about link building in this article.

Kontent Machine Multimedia Link Building Made Easy

1. Create A Unique Article
Authority SEO With Good Content Click ThroughThis is the first thing that you need to know when building your website is not to used spun content here unless you are a real expert and knows the few circumstances where this approach may work. The golden rule is only put unique content on your own sites.

Search engines always values unique articles higher than copied content. It is recommended that you write your own or, if you do not have the time or experience to do this, you can hire somebody who can write unique articles for you.

Make sure that you check the uniqueness of your articles through a duplicate analyzer software. By doing so, you can make sure that you only build high quality and unique article as your backlinks pointing to your website.

2. Scrape Content For Linking Using Kontent Machine
When building links, you may want to create a decent article. this means that your 1st tier content should be readable and interesting for all readers. This is another important thing that you need to know when you want to create high quality link building with good click through potential. Remember, your traffic will often be funnelled through the links that directly point to your site. No one is going to click on a link surrounded with garbage or gibberish. Do not forget to read your articles before submitting them to some article directories, Web 2.0 properties, and many other sites. Kontent Machine 3 is perfectly capable of creating high quality articles when coupled with a high class spinning API like WordAI Turing

These links can help you improve your websites’ ranking easily on the search engine.

3. Use Media Where Appropriate

You can also put some media, such as images or videos on your article. It is a good way to improve the quality of your backlink. This is another important tip in your link building campaign. Make sure that you put related images or videos to your articles before submitting these articles to some directories.

Media can attract your readers to read your articles regularly. If they are interested with the media, they are going to click through the link that you put at the bottom of the article. This link is going to bring visitors to your site. It means that link building is not only good for improving your site ranking, but also attracting visitors to come to your money site.

Kontent Machine can be asked to add the correct tags to embed either images or videos of your choice. Even using them as links. Imagine being able to broadcast your latest Pintrest image or Youtube video to hundreds of high quality high authority sites at the press of a button. by pairing Kontent Machine with a good link building application like Ultimate Demon this is a simple matter of pressing a few buttons. It should take no more than a couple of minutes of your time, and you can sit back in the knowledge that Kontent Machine is doing the job right. Putting the right images and videos in the right posts, taking care of the differences in embed code between sites.

For example WIKI sites use completely different codes to embed media to the HTML used by most sites…but you need not worry about any of that as Kontent Machine does it all for you.

They are some useful tips on how you can improve your websites’ performance with link building with Kontent Machine tutorials. However, you have to do this campaign correctly. Make sure that you create a good content for your link building campaign. This campaign can boost your websites’ performance when it is done properly. It is very important to avoid any spam activities, such as posting random and spun articles as your backlinks, spreading spam comments, and any other negative link building strategies. Make sure that you do this campaign correctly.