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Kontent Machine 3 Saves Now Campaigns To The Cloud

Another great update from the guys at Kontent Machine, a new feature rolled out on 28th April 2014 is the ability to save your campaigns into the cloud.

Campaigns straight from the cloud

What this means is that it is no longer necessary to have Kontent Machine running on the same server, VPS or PC that your link building software is running on. It also negates the need to transfer campaigns via memory stick or FTP from one source to another if you run your link building or content automation software on a different system. You simply save your campaign into the cloud.

Having tested it, the cloud is really fast hosting with great upload and download speed that is provided completely free to all KM users.

Using it is as simple as pressing “upload to cloud” and then using the API key provided to extract that content into your favourite link building tool. It will draw down the content and use it.

I don’t particularly like the phrase “Automagically”, but that’s what this seems like.

Constant Free Updates Over 2 Years Have Turned This Application Into A Powerhouse

Given how often the software is updated, it’s now over 2 years old and has an updated almost every time I turn it on. At least 30 major updates in the time I been using it. Many adding fantastic new features. This is the latest, and the free hosting alone has got to be worth a tidy sum.

To The Devs…

Great work guys. Making the life of the serious affiliate and Internet marketer that much easier by providing us with by far the best content management tool available.

Variation And Multimedia Syndication Using Kontent Machine

A quick update first, then below that, the method that successful marketers use to syndicate their videos and other multimedia free of charge and automatically. That’s some information you will not want to miss.

First, to answer a question I received by e-mail last weekend. It’s a good question, and having searched through the Kontent Machine forums, it’s not one that I’ve seen answered elsewhere – even by the developers. So here goes.

How many sources does content machine draw from?

As the video here shows, 1200 to 1600 mark is pretty typical. I’ve seen it dip below the thousand mark on a few occasions, though never below 850. This is particularly when I am asking it to search for content on quite specific, minority interest niches.

How many sources does Kontent Machine scrape from? LOTS!

On the other hand I’ve seen it hover around 2000 mark a few times as well, but rarely go much over that. 1500 it seems the sweet spot.

I don’t know about you, but I consider that an awful lot of content. The amount it makes for you to use, as it mixes it all up. Paragraph mixing (or sentence mixing if you prefer, it’s a selectable option) means that, even without adding 3rd party spinners – just using KM’s built in spinner, the variation and uniqueness levels are off the chart.

Of course, we’re just talking about articles and blog posts here. There are also figures for videos and images as well. The videos are slightly fewer in number and the images more or less the same as the articles.

Imagine trying to research that by hand? It would take days, probably weeks.

My correspondent also added a second question.

What quality are the videos that are scraped?

As you probably know, Kontent Machine will scrape videos and images to create very natural looking posts by embedding them in your articles . I’ve created many campaigns like this, I’ve never seen any that weren’t YouTube videos. This raises an issue with me. If you’re going to embed videos, they should be your own.

The images below show how you can go about adding your own videos to a Kontent Machine campaign.

Add your own content categories

If you choose scraped+own content from the initial campaign set up menu, this box will slide out from the right before the scraping process starts.

You can add in your own titles (from a .txt file) and Images, videos etc. If you choose to add your own multimedia the following window will open.

Type the video URL's here

Cut and paste the URL’s of your Youtube videos into the box and het presto. Kontent Machine will become a multimedia syndication tools.

Of course it can go and find 3rd party videos and post them embedded into your articles – but why would you do that if you have your own?

Imagine syndicating your own multimedia to dozens of high authority sites?

If you think about it, why would you want to syndicate somebody else’s work for them? This shows the value of creating your own small videos. Screen capture software such as Camstudio is free. Trial versions of Fraps or Bandicam (which I now use the paid version of) are also free and the upgrade is around $40.

With Google beginning to clamp down on the promotion on their own site via link spam, multimedia marketers have to find a new way to promote their videos. Syndicating them by automatically embedding them in Kontent Machine campaigns, seems a fantastic way to go about it, and it’s very simple.

Adding Uniqueness To Kontent Machine Campaigns

While content machine three is excellent at finding its own articles and blog posts, there are some areas that, for various technical reasons it does not scrape from. These are right for individual users to go and manually collect their own written content to make the end result as unique as possible.

Quick video showing how user content is added to Kontent Machine

There are three general areas that could be considered.

Google Alerts

Type in the keyword, and a quality required for the news that you want the application to fetch, and within seconds you’ll be presented with possibly hundreds of new stories. All of which can be cut and pasted into notepad files.

RSS and News Feed Aggregators provides a handy list of these. Trying Bloglines for instance will give you a mot more variety. Again type in the topic and away you go.

These two sources alone provide you with so much content to add to your Kontent Machine campaigns, that for all but the smallest of niches you are never likely to run out. However, consider this third alternative

Cheap Outsourced Content

Iwriter example

Iwriter (yes this is an affiliate link I use them all the time)

SEO Generals

Provide writing services from real human authors. And they are cheap!

How cheap?

$3 per 500 words for articles that are copyscape checked before they are presented to you, and that you can see and vet BEFORE you decide to pay for them.

The whole article is displayed as an image to prevent you copy and pasting it. Read through it, if it looks poor quality or badly written you can reject it and another author will write it for you. This is standard, and costs no extra.

Again, these articles can be placed into notepad “.txt” files and used in your Kontent Machine campaigns.

The fourth bonus, final source of course is…

Write A Little Content Yourself

Just sitting down and writing 15 or 230 opening paragraphs might take an hour or so, but add some great variation and uniqueness to your Kontent Machine campaigns.

The first three options above should take you no more than 15 minutes once you have identified the sites and sources you want to use. IN fact for many, 15 minutes work loading, cutting and pasting to notepad files might last your content marketing efforts for several weeks.

The final option, if you use something like speech to text, might take an hour or two once a week. If you write by hand and are a “two fingered typist” it might take half a day, but is still a great addition if you are “time rich and cash poor” like many of us are at the beginning of our IM careers.

Adding Your Own Content

Create a new campaign. In the main campaign settings at the top of the next screen… Add local files

ensure content source is set to “Built-In + Local Files”

When you came to  “Build Content” or “Build & Export” an input screen will appear from the right as shown below…

Box to add your own content

Drag and drop the “.txt” files into the white space as shown in the video on this page.

I find that 1 article of 500 words is best thought of as equalling 1% of the total. So if you add 10 articles then setting the slider to 90% online and 10% files (i.e mostly to the right in the “Mix Ration” slider shown above) works fine.

Adding 20 articles sources from elsewhere is the sweet spot for me.

Let me know what works for you!