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Kontent Machine 3 Cloud Tutorial

First of all, apologies that the video below doesn’t contain the whole process, I found no way of hiding the API key thorugh video (maybe because I’m a video klutz).

Save To The Cloud

Anyway – the video shows the clicks and the large image taken from Kontent Machine’s main site shows the steps in detail. It really is a 2 minute process once you’ve created a campaign.

GSA and Kontent Machine talking. See the image below for more details

Here’s the missing detail for getting the API key over. Told you it was simple Smile

Kontent Machine Cloud Save Tutorial

Do You Use A VPS Or Server?

Imagine being able to log into your VPS via any PC, maybe at a client meeting using heir laptop. And draw down content you created and saved to the cloud previously to run on whatever link building application is installed.

For me the biggest plus id managing campaigns while taking working holidays. Using an Android or iOS device to log into my servers and draw down content to the server from the cloud without hammering my 3g or 4g bandwidth allocation or waiting ages to transfer it over public shared WiFi connections.

All I need to refresh my campaign content while I’m out and about its a tablet or phone.

The guys at Kontent Machine are always adding new features, and this is the latest. With so much more to come in the coming months, can’t wait to see where this takes us.