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Using Kontent Machine 3 To Create Silo Articles

A post in response to a reader who recently spent $2997 on a tool to populate and post to “silo” sites.

Kontent Machine Silo Sites

I felt terrible when I read about this. Yes there is a tool that costs almost $3,000 that looks very nice and professional, but does substantially less than Kontent Machine 3, which, if bought within 24 hours of coming to this sales page, costs less than 1/10th of the price of this “other” application.

A quick overview of how it works. Read on for the detail 🙂

Thing is, I found that a few people weren’t aware of just how easy it is to populate silo sites with this great application, so I’ve done a quick tutorial that should have anyone interested in getting on board on the newest and best on site SEO and content management method.

What’s A Silo Site?

Here we go, a post all about silo sites and the benefits of creating them

First of all. Open Kontent Machine, and instead of going to “Campaigns” go instead to “Tools”

Choose Tools

Then go to “Article Getter”

Then Select Article Getter

You will want to set up the menu in there a little like this:

A decent set up for good results

Put the full list of silo keywords in the column on the right of the page.

Setting Up The Content Scrape

Set “Search In Body” for more results and “Search In Titles” for fewer but more targeted results

  • Avoid Duplicate Articles – Check
  • Include Title In File – Check
  • All Articles In One Folder – Check
  • Min Word Count – Suggest 500
  • Max Word Count – Suggest between 600 and 999
  • Save Articles To: – Use the dialog box to choose a folder somewhere and remember where this is.

The application will then go and fetch your seed articles for you.

NOTE: As at Kontent Machine release the application insists on you adding a keyword here for it to scrape videos and images only “Locally Saved Articles” only is selected. Turn off the feature to add images and videos to get around this

Next, go back to the home panel (the link to the home panel is in a strip about 1/5th of the way down every page, some people find it hard to spot)

Then choose “New”

Content Source: Change to “Locally Saved Files No Spinning”

Add a campaign name – nothing else is required

Set Up A campaign

Don’t worry, we are going to add uniqueness in a moment Smile

Also you can add anything like your own images or videos on this page (have a list of your Youtube URL’s or image URL’s ready at this point. I won’t go into too much detail on this sort of thing here as it’s already covered in other tutorials.

Click “Next” at the bottom right of the screen.

On the next screen I set “Contextual Links” to “0” as I let my content or link building tool add links. I then press build content and a screen slides out from the left.

Adding The Content

Right click in the blank space under “File Path” and a dialog box will appear asking you for your file location. This is the path to the files you saved earlier in the “Article Getter” tool.

Right Click to add your own articles


You can drag the articles into this black space (go to the folder they are saved in, “Shift Click” or click one and then press “Cntrl + a” on any file in the folder, this will select them all, then mouse drag them over. Or, you can use the dialog box to select the folder/s

Go to the place you saved these files and drag select all of the files.


In the example here I’ve imported a ton of 50cc scooter articles

Drap and drop or import with the dialog box

Once the content is built it’s time to use the “Autoblogger”

Back to the home page, then click “Saved”

Select the campaign you just saved from the list that is shown and choose “Open Selected”

You’ve been on this screen before. Now is the time to spin your content. You can press the “Spin Database 1” dialog box with either the inbuilt KM spinner or any of the supported spinning tools that you have entered your subscription details for.

Preparing To Post

Press “Build and Post” at the bottom of the screen

Click on Build and Post


Right click in the blank space shown and then you need to decide where to create your silo.

  • On one specific blog – click “Add one WP blog”
  • To create several silo sites at once on WP blogs click “Bulk Load WP Blogs”
  • You can do this with Rankwyz 3rd party WEB2.0 sites as well ( a great idea for 1st tier linking) click “Add one Rankwyz Account”

Add categories directly from Kontent Machine


You can add categories directly from Kontent Machine by right clicking on the account and using the menu that pops up.

Setting Up The Autoblogger

Click next and the autoblogger dialog will appear.

Autoblogger settings

The autoblogger is incredibly powerful and versatile.

In the example above I’ve set it to post 60 articles over 12 days with one category and either one or two tags per article.

I would then leave Kontent Machine to run – or post them all now with ”post dated” content.

Tiered Silos

Most of you will want to create tiered silos. This is is simple set up.

Assuming you have a proper squeeze or landing page set up first. For the first tier silo pages set “Article Body Links” to 1

An “Article Body Links” dialog will slide in from the left. Add the URL of the squeeze or landing page in the left column and one or more keyword anchors you wan to be iused the the right hand box.

Tiered Silo

You can decide here how should have the “rel = nofollow” tag attached, and whether to use naked (no anchor text) links.

To create another tier, harvest the created URL’s from tier one and use them in column one when you set up the second tier.

It really is that easy!

Kontent Machine 3 And Rankwyz

When Kontent Machine updated to version 3 there were some pretty fundamental changes to the way it worked. Some of which meant that the existing tutorials were not quite right.

New Kontent Machine Tutorials

Likewise, Rankwyz is also being updated all the time and the user interface has had some elements altered over the months.

New Tutorial Required To Link Rankwyz And Kontent Machine

Combine these together and you might end up with a recipe for confusion for end users. In particular I’ve had several queries regarding the way the two great SEO tools talk to each other. Yes, it is now different. Hopefully this video will show you the changes.

I’ve added the original video for Kontent Machine 3 below for reference.

Hope this helps. Smile