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Kontent Machine Announces Private Blog Network Support

The details are not out yet, but the guys at Kontent Machine have announced support for one of the major PBN tools/applications on the market to be integrated in the 3rd quarter of 2014. (News Item added 6th August 2014)

Kontent Machine announces private blog network integration

This is great news to say the least. While KM certainly manages to handle PBN’s at the moment, the way it’s done involves a little setting up. Looking forward to the reveal of which application this is going to be, and how it will be implemented.

If you aren’t on the KM mailing list, here’s the missive Georgi sent out this morning (6th August 2014.

The very best content management tool just keeps getting better

Hey, what’s up?

You thought I forgot the second one, didn’t you?

You know that private blog networks is the big thing, right? The quickest way to rank ANY website is by having links from authority websites and the best way to do it is by having your own network.

Building it is not the simplest thing on Earth but here is one article that covers pretty much the whole process. Make sure you read it.

The good news is that recently I’ve been in contact with a developer and I managed to integrate KontentMachine (via the API). 

What does this product do?

Let me just say that it makes maintaining your blog network a BREEZE.

Well, it’s a pretty famous piece of software. That’s why I’m so pumped up to tell you more about it next time. Thomas (the developer) agreed to give you something super special too.

Georgi “The Secretive” Georgiev

I can;t wait to see how much time this is going to save me.