Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Kontents Of A Bucket Of Ice Water

Sorry for the hiatus everyone. I’ve been away on holiday for a couple of weeks and so most of my updates are running a little later than usual.

Swipe My SEO Method, Links, Techniques And All

The free membership deal for SEO tools and link lists has been updated for September (join using the “SEO Bible” link on the right, or just click here).

There are now well over a quarter of a million URL’s and over 180,000 sites on the lists, all tested to work in your favourite link building tools as recently as July this year.

Better still, the information in the Ebooks provided give budding internet marketers the exact methods used to rank and bank today. Not just the fluff about “adding value” or “building relationships” but real actionable techniques that you can put to work today and start growing your online empire.

What Next For Kontent Machine?

Enough about that – the next update specifically for Kontent Machine will be about importing and mixing your own test files, either on their own, or mixed in with scraped content. I can;t stress how good this method is for making readable and super unique content with the minimum of fuss. If click through from your first tier is important to you (and it really should be) then this will be the one to watch.


This was the sort of stuff I got up to. Cash raised went to Leukaemia Research (UK)