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Writing Your Own Content

I’ve written quite a few times before about my issues with writing my own content.

We all know that you can add this to scraped or bought material inside a larger Kontent Machine campaign, but that doesn’t answer the main question. Where is my muse?

Where can you find your content creation and writing muse

I know I’m not alone in this. I consider myself pretty prolific when it comes to writing, a few thousand words a day minimum and I don;t really break a sweat, but all the same it can be tough having the initial idea, doing the research or finding something new and interesting that you want to explore. In other words a writers “muse”

Here’s Kate Smith’s view on finding your own mojo as a written content creator.

We all have various ways we get inspired. Inspirations help authors to complete their writing. Reading different books you find that authors must find the root of their inspirations otherwise it may take years to finish writing a book. Most authors are inspired by how nature works while others get motivated from within themselves. Inspirations help you to maximize your writing skills. You get inspired by many things. Things are not dictated to you by anybody. You choose them yourself because you find them enjoyable and educative. You must have realized by now what used to inspire you when you were a young girl or a boy; it’s not what gets you motivated now. That’s true; when you were a teenager maybe you were inspired the favorite local band in your church but now you find it boring because they are nowhere to inspire you. Same case happens to authors. What motivated them to write the first book is totally different from the second book. Their inspirations are based on educating, providing knowledge, their real life stories, and many more.

Educative inspirations

Their writing is usually in the form of stories. Those narratives show how certain group of people interacted with a different group. From them, you learn how to live peacefully with your neighbor and the entire society.
You get to know what happened in the past. How was the trade? How were marriages conducted? You will find all the information that you need in this book. They help be an adventurous person. This explains why even if you were born in a foreign country. After reading books written about your origin, you won’t be satisfied.
You will end up visiting that country so that you experience what you learned. You will also be eager to find out many things about the country. You haven’t of people who were living abroad for some and left their kids.
Their kids after learning about their origin, they relocate to their homeland countries. This is the power of inspiration. You won’t be surprised to find them writing about their homeland.

Providing knowledge

Some authors get motivated from the questions frequently asked and do not have ready-made answers. This type of authors’ research on these questions turning every nook and cranny. They usually devote themselves so that they may enlighten those people who are seeking for answers. Authors are satisfied after receiving overwhelming reports or comments that they have shed some light to people. This makes them feel inspired and have that feeling of wanting to write again and again. Some authors’ books are even selected as the main book to be read in high schools, colleges and universities because they have detailed information.

Personal life

Every person has his or her life. There are those people who were lifted from rags to riches, while others were born rich. However, the most important thing is ways they used to succeed.These types of authors have cracked business codes that they think they should share with other people to know. You will find that the most read books are not history books but personal life books. This is because; these books highlight areas that most people are. You can attest to this. You will find a person who read a personal book let’s say like Ben Carson, will always look out for his new book.These books are exactly how the real world is not fiction. You will find people believing in them more than myths.
This helps the author to research and write more on how other people lives. You know people have different lifestyles and stories. This is what makes his writing enjoyable because out of ten, nine people who have read this book will fit in one of those lifestyles. Lastly, there are people who write for fun. They mostly write fun storybooks for kids. They supply their books to different schools. When they receive feedback that the books were accepted, they feel inspired and write more fun books to supply to libraries. In most cases when an author receives great feedback, they feel awesome. It doesn’t matter how many people felt motivated by their book. What matters are those few complements? These complements can keep an author awake in the middle of the night writing another book.