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What Does Authority Mean in SEO?

Why Kontent Machine Rocks Your Link Building World

Google’s John Mueller has stated that Google will not be updating the search engine PageRank on their toolbar anymore. PageRank was a well known measure that SEOs used to show clients that they were making progress with their link building efforts. But since Google will no longer provide this valuable metric, it is time to seek for an alternative. A good substitute is the authority of a website or webpage. Many SEO experts suggest that authority is one the most vital ranking factors in search engines. In this article, we will be providing answers to questions such as: what is authority? How is authority of a website derived? Why is authority important? How can great content be used to derive authority? Why does the content that surrounds your links matter? How can Kontent Machine make a big difference here?

What is Authority?

To really understand the meaning of authority to search engines, you should try and visualize what it means to be an authority on a particular subject in real life. For instance, an architect can become an authority due to the number of years spent studying architecture, the years of post qualification practice, recommendations from clients and other frontline architects, and a relatively large number of successful building projects. 

Do you do authority content marketing in 2015

Authority in terms of SEO refers to the probability that a website will be displayed in search results. Page authority gives the probability that a particular page on your website will show up in search results while domain authority provides a similar measure for the entire website. The terms page authority and domain authority were first used by the SEO experts at Moz uses several factors including trust, relevance, number and quality of backlinks, and a logarithmic scale to determine the value of page or domain authority for a website.

How is Website Authority Calculated? has a proprietary formula for calculating authority. If you want to know the page authority or domain authority of your website, all you have to do is download the SEOMoz toolbar for Firefox or Chrome or add the Mozscape API to your website and you will be able to determine the page authority of any webpage or the domain authority of the entire website. However, some website owners fault some of the metrics provided by Moz, especially the number of backlinks. I’ve probably spent a lot of time picking at the failings of Moz, though as I mentioned often and previously (and often) as well as the possibility of Google buying Moz’s metric under license now that Page rank is dead.

However, it is vital to be able to calculate authority using metrics that you can monitor personally. Three metrics that can be used to determine the authority of a site are: age, number of links and number of pages indexed by Google.

To obtain the age of a website, use the tool at webconfs  After you determine the age of the site, you need to obtain the number of backlinks. You can obtain the total number of backlinks using the Open Site Explorer tool. 

The number of posts or articles can be obtained with the Google site operator. For instance, you can type to see the number of pages in your website indexed by Google. With these figures, you can obtain a metric for website authority by taking a log to base 10 of the product of these three values.

For example, 

Authority = log base 10 (Age of website domain x total number of links x number of indexed pages)

You can use this formula to compare the authority of websites on the first page of search results with those on the 5th or 6th page. You will discover that the sites on the first page have a much higher authority.

Why So Important?

Trust is what it build down to. Both trust from the search engines and the implied trust from your site visitors. It gives a very useful and objective measure of a website’s standing relative to other websites. When a website enjoys a higher profile, it will be more visible in search results and therefore attract more traffic. As more people visit the website, they will become part of the audience that will eventually buy website’s products and services. Eventually, an increase in sales will lead to higher revenues and profits. 

In addition to the improvement of the bottom line, authority websites will attract many other industry leaders. Many of these people will express their desire to collaborate with the site, provide guest posts, and exchange mutual links that will boost their authority and lead to higher levels of success.

Lovely White Hat stuff right?


But what if just ranking in SERPs is your only aim? What sort of content do you need to surround your links. That’s a different question. The SE’s are pretty poor at parsing content above “Is it unique?” and “Does it contain other relevant phrases and terms to establish context?”. Article creation and spinning tools do the job really well. Ok not all of them, but the good ones do. Kontent Machine is by far and away the best in the business

How to Increase the Domain/Page Authority of a Website

There are several ways to increase the authority of your website in search engines. First, you should take care of all the on-site factors that can influence your website’s authority. Basic on-site SEO includes creating a good site map, optimizing your robots.txt file, providing user-friendly navigation, improving site loading speed, proper placement of keywords and inbound links, as well as effective use of header tags, meta tags and alt tags. 

Awesome Content Creation

On site you should also provide awesome content that naturally attracts backlinks. Top-notch content is not negotiable if you want to build an authoritative website. Your content should be much longer than the average 500 to 600 word posts on other websites. It should also be unique, well-written and informative. These tips will help you to create better content for your site:

* Do deeper research and interview experts to discover the best solution to common problems in your industry

* Create content that is outstanding and distinct. Infographics and content with custom made graphics fit in here.

* Add several useful links (both inbound and outbound) to other sources of helpful content that complement the information provided within your article

* Produce some ultimate guides that will be irresistible to other people in your field. These guides could be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length.

* Add other media types apart from plain text. Include videos, slide shows, and podcasts where applicable. Kontent Machine adds this as a matter of course.

Effective Link Building

After providing great content, you must acquire many high quality backlinks to your content. Gone are the days when spammy low quality links with no contextual content acquired from link farms and article directory submissions could boost your search ranking and authority within a few weeks. Links now need to be surrounded by their own content or placed on authority sites. Google focuses more on the relevance and quality of your backlinks. Here are some experts’ recommendations for acquiring backlinks that will boost your authority without getting you penalized:

* Use a tool like Open Site Explorer to analyze the backlink profiles of the websites that have higher domain authority. Approach some of their backlink sources for similar links.

* Target blogs and other high authority websites in your niche that can offer you a chance to write guest posts for backlinks

* Search for resource pages that provide information that is related to your content and request for links to your premium content.

* Mention other top bloggers’ resources in your content and mail them so they can also reciprocate and add your content to their blogs.

* Do a regular link clean up to remove spammy, broken and poor quality links that could raise Google’s red flag.


Treat content as two separate things. The articles on your own website are vital, they must be excellent in terms of content and trust to provide click through. Authority of a website can be used as good substitute for Google’s page rank. By following some of the steps given to obtain this value for your site, you can start using it to measure your progress as you take appropriate steps to provide better content on your website and acquire high quality backlinks.

Link Building Content

The content that surrounds your links is a different matter altogether. Google is not, and never has been, particularly good at parsing text above

  • “Is it unique” (and spun is unique)
  • “Does it contain phrases and words that establish context”

And if that is your aim? Then Kontent Machine rocks your world

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