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Does Mobile Marketing Require A Different Content Strategy?

One thing is for certain. The ability to market your product, service or affiliate deals on mobile devices is getting more important by the day.

Did you know that, in 2015 mobile search volume is predicted to go past traditional desktop search for the first time?

To be fair, that probably isn’t news to anyone. But here’s the thing. Did you also know that, while many visitors to websites research on mobile devices, most still buy their goods and services, particularly those costing more than 2 hours average salary in their nation of residence, using a desktop PC or none mobile device?

Mobile search and conversion statistics

In fact, conversion rates per visitor overall run a 0.7% on average on mobile devices compared with almost exactly 4x that (2.8%) on desktops?

Did you also know that if you remove items that cost less than $4 from the equation (the cast majority of which are mobile apps/games) the and just take the higher value items, then the difference in conversion rate goes from 4x to almost 9x (0.4% to 3.5%)

In other words, people research on mobile – but buy on static devices.

And despite search volume climbing steadily year on year, the conversion rates is actually going the other way for items costing more than $4. So how can a tool like Kontent Machine help you in getting the right results for your website?

So should your content strategy be different. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer running a WordPress site, should you use divide your visitors by device and re-direct them to a different product page depending on whether they arrive via mobile  device or static?

  • An information heavy, graphics light loading page with prominent social media calls and product details for those looking to browse product differentiators and unique selling points on mobile devices
  • A more straight forward, more direct sales page with fewer(if any) social media distractions and more “in your face” buying imperative for those arriving by static devices?

Just a thought.

The ability to view a company’s web site via a mobile device is said to be the growing driver of traffic. According to recent research, an estimated 56% of Americans own a smartphone and approximately 34% own a tablet. With that being said, 63% of the owners use their mobile devices to browse the internet. Therefore, it is imperative for a company to ensure that its content marketing is taking into account this trend.

Companies must also understand that simply injecting new channels into their existing content strategy is not enough. Your mobile marketing will require a content strategy that takes into account how your marketing is being delivered via mobile devices. The deliverance must be catered expressly tailored to the experience of the user f a tablet or smartphone. Is that is not done, it is guaranteed that consumers will be tuned away and those profits will go to a competitor.

The following will provide you with key factors that need to be considered in regards to your company’s mobile content marketing strategy.

It Isn’t Just About the Device

It is imperative to that the mobile channel not as a series devices. Mobile is not only about great looking and optimized content across a variety of tablets and smartphones; but is includes the behaviours and context of customers while using the mobile devices. The content strategy for mobile devices needs to represent an understanding that is quite deep.

There will be a need to take 2 different approaches. One a specific and targeted high quality content approach for your own site, and another using a tool such as Kontent Machine to find great articles to use when building high quality first tier linking profiles.

Base Strategy on How Customers Actually Use Their Devices

An understanding of the mobile usage of your audience is essentially in order for the development of effective mobile content strategy. There are a great number of marketers that contend that they explicitly know their customers, but within the world of mobile, usage can differ from perception.

When building an audience profile, a portion of it should include a focus on just how mobile devices fit into the lives of your audience members. The following needs to be considered when determining this information:

  • What devices are being used?
  • What is the experience that people are looking for?

Data from your existing web site will be able to provide mobile insights that will prove integral. Another method that can provide you with the needed data is the utilization of targeted surveys.

Don’t Just Shrink

The former model of content creation dictated that content would simply be adapted to additional formats. This generally meant that a traditional website was made smaller for use on mobile devices. Currently, content needs to be reviewed through a “mobile lens” before being rolled out for public consumption. Content creation, additionally, needs to be scaled up rather than down.

Through Design, Rethink the User Experience

It is highly imperative that companies have mobile websites that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. If the information that a customer is searching for is hard to find, or your site is not easy to navigate customers and revenue will be lost. When designing your mobile website and creating its content strategy, make sure you ensure that it is able to deliver the correct user experience. This experience should be accurate in terms of helpful tools, functionality, feel, look and content. Customers should feel and be able to achieve their desired end goal with as much ease and convenience as possible.

These are great tips on site, and using the search functions in Kontent Machine 4 should enable you to either fins a large amount of source material or a great deal of existing content to use as your “muse” when building your first tier linking structure

Expand Understanding of Conversions

Conversion go beyond the sale in regards to the realm of the mobile universe. Consumers may find great value in being able to sign up for a newsletter, downloading or the sharing of content. It will prove to be extremely beneficial to your business should you determine all of the conversion range and value for your mobile site and its content strategy. Consider, for example, using Kontent Machine 4 to find the best conversations in any particular field

Use Location to Your Advantage

As a measure of being able to properly engage consumers with your content, utilize geolocation technologies. This will help in the sending of market research surveys, the creation of discount codes, and more. Geolocation technologies include the following: Google Now, Apple’s Siri and a variety of GPS enabled apps for both Android and iOS enabled devices.

Leverage Micro-Video

There are specific opportunities presenting themselves for mobile devices in regards to infographics and video. This is due to the stated form of media being a preferred form of content for consumers. In regards to your company’s mobile content strategy, the use of Instagram and Vine should be highly considered and integrated.