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Using Kontent Machine To Create Context Posts

Kontent Machine works really well at taking your keywords and building up a rack of great content for you to publish and post. But what about adding more in the way of context. Using the features of the application to make sure that the posts you create are relevant and therefore more likely to be accepted by the websites you send them to and more likely to be clicked through by potential readers in the future? Click through is vital for some campaigns and a huge bonus even for churn and burn affiliates with the first tier linking structures they build.  Without relevance, you reduce the chances of a visitor clicking through to almost zero

Why context is vital in content marketing and SEO

But What Is Context?

When we talk face to face, we always create an environment where understanding is easy by establishing ideas and connecting them. We can always read into what others mean by looking at what they do when saying things. Body language counts for a lot in conversations in the communication process. We can always ask questions and receive timely responses that allow us a deeper examination into a situation. However, the writing environment is different. You are talking to someone you cannot see. You cannot speculate what their reaction will be, and you can only imagine their feelings upon reading what you write. It therefore becomes important for you to establish a focal point of conversation in a bid to have the reader in the loop. You do this by establishing context.

The most basic definition of context is the conglomeration of the situations surrounding an idea that a writer chooses to write about at some time. It does not matter what the idea is, but the most important thing is that communication happens. For said communication to happen, there needs to be a rapport between reader and writer, and this rapport needs to stretch from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph throughout the whole document. If a reader gets lost at some point in your article, then reclaiming their attention becomes difficult. There are different factors that establish context in an article, and some are as below.

The topic

If you choose to write about something, then you have made a choice that will affect the entirety of what you are going to be saying. Readers need to relate what you are saying with what you promised to deliver. As a writer, you cannot afford to put up a topic that does not agree with the body of an article. The way it works is that if a reader sees a particular topic, they expect you to proceed to talk about the mentioned topic. If they do not get what they thought they would get within the first two paragraphs, they just move along to the next article. To avoid this, you must understand what you set out to write so that you can do conclusive research that helps you to get everything right. Read widely about what you are going to write about and always look at the different angles to a topic. Remember, ambiguity does not help context because everyone tends to read something else apart from what you are saying.


Every piece of writing has a period. People need timelines in order to understand situations. However, this is not so easy to deliver, given that you want the piece to make sense in the future. When talking about an event, the concept of the time setting is important. For example, the timing can be either definitive or abstract. If you put up a sentence like Mary and Jane went home’, the understanding of the reader becomes limited, because the only indicator of the time in the sentence is the use of the tense, showing that the event belongs to the past. However, if you say the country acquired independence in 1776’, the reader has an idea of what happened, and when it happened. In their mind, an image of this action in the past registers and evokes understanding.


There are always voices in your article. There are people talking, with some making points and others counteracting the advanced points. An article needs to have a minimal number of voices to avoid confusing the reader. To develop context, you will need to tie in the actions of those in your story and show what their presence entails. You have to interweave events in such a way that the actions of the characters resonate with the reader. In an article, a plot will develop from what the characters are doing at each different level of the story. If you are talking about a company that provides SEO services, then experts, critics and rivals are a great set of characters to use.

The content in an article revolves around those who are talking and what they are saying. Your topic must always be a tentative reference of what you want to say. In most cases, you are not actually important to the development of the context because you do not exist within the realm of the story; you are simply a conduit through which the story unfolds.

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