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Where Can I Find Fresh Content Ideas For My Niche?

I’ve become increasingly aware over the past  couple of years that the way in which people operate, even as affiliate marketers has changed. I rarely see tiny, static blogs any more. They were all the rage in 2009, “fire and forget” marketing and affiliate sites.

Enter The Need For Constant Updates

Now with updates required regularly, the issue I see many faced with is “Where do I get ideas for fresh content”?

I feel for you. While Kontent Machine can do a great job, sometimes you need something that’s new, fresh and different. That one piece of content for your A1 blog that you are happy to promote.

At some point we all fall short of ideas and it gets quite difficult to generate some fresh content that the audience find attractive and engaging.
Here are some simple yet very effective sources where you can find fresh content ideas for your niche.

Great Fresh Ideas


Being active on forums related to your niche is a way to remain connected and updated with the subject. You can find some trending topics by paying attention to the most active threads that revolve around your field. Try studying those forums as much as possible to gain an insight into the demands of the users. You are likely to find insufficiently clarified doubts and use that chance to present an answer to the same through your niche site. It also helps you gain better recognition in your online niche community and among your potential audience. You van find related forums on search engines such as BoardReader and Omgili, as well as you can simply enter “YOUR NICHE + FORUM” in Google search.
Forums are a rare source of information. Most content scrapers (Kontent Machine included) do not scrape forums for their seed articles. This means what you find on forums is often brand new, fresh and ready to syndicate.


A great way to generate ideas is to pay heed to the doubts and questions of your potential customers for you. The questions are an indication of requirement of information on certain topic that has not yet been provided to the person. When you find that a question needs a good and long explanation. you can always make some effort to write a post about it.

Other Blogs Kontent Machine Does Not Reach

You may already be reading a number of other similar blogs in your niche. But, there is always scope to expand when you fall short of ideas. You can find some other great source of information with just a few simple clicks and little research. You can use or can make a few Google searches for finding some helpful blogs for your niche. Taking a quick look on the posts and titles on a few blogs daily will make sure you are always full of topics to discuss on your site. Of course Kontent Machine 3 and Kontent Machine 4 scrape popular blogs anyway. So here’s an idea:

Why not scrape using Kontent Machine with some tight parameters and specific keywords, then check the resulting articles to see what’s new and different. Actually scan read a few to see if there are any ideas in there.

Sure you can just “scrape/spin and go” but you do have the option of looking a little deeper sometimes.

Social Media

Join some social media pages or groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ in your niche. You can also create your very own social media pages in order to stay in touch with people, concerned professionals or industry experts. This promotes sharing of ideas and thoughts with another and inspire you for creating new content. Discussion threads may also operate within these groups which is also a good source of ideas.

Blog Comments

Another amazing source of getting fresh ideas and exciting content for your niche is blog comments, whether its on your own blog or others. If you create a kind of active community column on your site or blog, you can actually take the questions posted by the readers and transform them it into a good post. The comments can form really good ideas for fresh content in your niche. Apart from that, content is indirectly made by readers for readers, thereby making it exciting and interesting for them to read as it demonstrates attention to their comments.

Yes blog comments are generally pretty tiny, but using a tool like Scrapebox 2.0 it’s possible to find some very large blog comments. While personally I find that really knowledgeable ones are few and far between, there are some very verbose ones full of opinion. Really long 500 word plus comments that present alternative points of view, and it’s these points of view, often away from mainstream thought, that might provide the muse or spark for your own writing..

I often walk away from reading comments thinking:

Wow, I didn’t know people thought like that.

Case Studies

Going through case studies regarding your niche can prove to work great for collecting ideas in most of the niches including running, food, marketing, health, weight loss, education, fashion, beauty, business, arts and much more. You can also set a goal, work on it in your own unique manner and record your progress or results on your webpage.

Do a search for PDF documents.  add +”PDF” to your search term and you will get reports, case studies and all sorts of interesting stuff that most content marketers have left on the table

Statistics and Infographics

Infographics present facts and regular information in the form of attractive graphics, thereby helping in generating some truely fresh content ideas. The effort put in gathering the data from such sources may sometimes be quite time taking, but it is very fruitful if utilized correctly and presented in an engaging manner. It improves social sharing on your niche website or blog and brings huge traffic to the same.

Check out Pintrest and Google+. These places are often filled with infographics and ideas

Google Search

A wonderful place to look out for fresh content ideas is the list of top search terms for your niche if you wish to generate more organic search traffic. Conduct a keyword research for your subject and examine the common user search terms in terms of their global and local monthly searches, competition etc. This will give you a good start by identifying the topics that people are looking for, thereby letting you work in a manner to cater their requirements through your niche site or blog.

Use Kontent Machine to find your bulk content, to help spin to unique and spread it. But sometimes, when you need that special piece of content just for your A1 blog? Why not try these ideas above.