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Resources To Aid The Quest For Highly Specific Or Technical Content

As online content developers, marketers and editors, it’s a basic requirement to remain relevant to the fast evolving field. Online content writers require a wide range of techniques and skills which calls for in-depth research. There are free online resources available for finding and writing content. The resources are based on several categories of specialty which includes but not limited to: SEO, web development, content marketing, basic web design and user experience design, social media, content and brand strategy, programming and web layout and analytics. 

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What About Kontent Machine?

Kontent machine can extract a massive amount of high quality content from many sources, but what if you are after something more specific? A niche where there is little available content and what their is is highly specific. Perhaps where spinning would destroy the sense of highly technical writing.

Remember Kontent Machine can do first tier quality writing, but this guide is for those who want to “give it a nudge” and add some very specific well researched tidbits in for good measure

There are resources that are of key necessity in all the above named fields. The resources are free and are easily accessible by even the newbie in the broad field of online content finding and writing.

Linguistic use and Writing Resources

Yahoo style guide: It is easy to utilize. Since it’s as of now made for you, it spares you the duration and exertion needed to add to your own particular style guide. You should simply take after the style traditions. The Ap Stylebook online is one asset that obliges a little yearly charge of $25 to join however a fundamental device is and should be incorporated in this rundown. as well as the are vital word reference assets for every single substance maker. is an incredible asset when you’re scanning for exchange terms. Utilizing equivalent words rather than over and again utilizing the same catchphrases is likewise perceived as a SEO best activity.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab: The (OWL) at Purdue University houses composing assets and learning material that assistance with general written work abilities, syntax and accentuation. 

SEO Resources

Search Engine Land is a fantastic asset to get up to speed with the most recent SEO updates. Danny Sullivan, the editorial manager in boss, is a set up name in SEO process and is known not and precisely foresees future seo patterns. 

Moz is likewise another magnificent asset given the way that their amateurs’ aide is the true fledglings manual for seo. 

Content Marketing

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing course process is a phenomenal course on inbound promoting and its free! The course educational program incorporates eighteen classes on inbound showcasing from blogging, seo to online networking; it covers the whole range of topics on inbound promoting however the best thing is that these lessons are taught by substantial weights in their particular fields. 

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is gradually developing as a fundamental field to oversee, create and arrange for all substance for substantial corporate sites. 

Mind Traffic by Kristina Halvorson is a main power on substance system and her famous blog is to a great degree instructive. 

The Content Wrangler: Content systems developer Scott Abel, the organizer of Content Wrangler is a pioneer in the area of substance system. He likewise runs a LinkedIn gathering called the Content Wrangler Community. It’s a dynamic gathering and the dialogs likewise show you about substance administration, content quality and substance norms. 

Data Architecture

The Information Architecture Institute has a huge amount of data for newcomers hoping to take in more inclusive of a library, instruments and an occupation board. 

The Nielson gathering has a far reaching rundown of information, rules and whitepapers that underline techniques to improve the client experience. The themes range from the versatile client experience to ecommerce client experience to website map usability. is Jacob Nielson’s site on fundamental ease of use rules. The site incorporates helpful features, books and reports. 

WordPress Help

Kristi Hines more than seventy Resources to establish a WordPress blog and website advertising is fabulous and an absolute necessity read for substance designers. She has beaten herself with this noteworthy introduction on all that you have to know not a WordPress blog.

WP BeginnerWP Beginner is a vibrant blog that acts as a fledgling’s aide for WordPress clients. 

Web Coding Resources

A W3 school is an extraordinary asset for those tech smart substance inventors who like to have some control over their site design. W3 schools have great instructional exercises for everything from essential HTML and PHP to programming dialects, for example, SQL and ASP 

Codeacademy has some awesome fundamental instructional exercises for individuals hoping to begin with coding. 

Why would you want to use this? Because it allows you to add functionality to your favourite SEO and content marketing tools such as Kontent Machine 4


Flickr Creative Commons permit: If you undertake a propelled hunt on Flickr using the choice of imaginative hall checked, you could discover some truly cool pictures. 


Occam’s razor: Avinash Kaushik is a top power today on web investigation and perusing his site is on a par with getting a decent instructional exercise on the distinctive ways that you can utilize examination to help your site acquire activity, more prospects and eventually more clients.