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Why Good Backlinks Need Good Surrounding Content

For those unfamiliar with backlinks’ they are essentially what allows search engines to run effectively. It has been a natural assumption of companies over the years to think that the sheer quantity of links to your site will drive you up a search engines results and make you more noticeable, so many of them opted for quantity over quality. 

Kontent Machine or han written content.

But times have changed and where this may once have been an effective strategy, now the Internet has developed and search engines are getting smarter and aren’t falling for the same old SEO tricks. These days a link on it’s own, without content surrounding it to add context, is likely to have low value. An overall link profile with too many of these “stand alone” links is a profile at risk of getting the site linked to a Google penalty. That’s where a tool like Kontent Machine comes into its own

It’s also sub optimal to rely on backlinks that are poorly constructed and irrelevant to their sites. They are one of the instances where quality trumps quantity and good content is key to this! Therefore the better the content surrounding a back link…the better the search engine ranking you will have. 

The Sort Of Backlinks You Don’t Want

Not all backlinks are created equal and the chances are that you will have some unwanted links to your site that aren’t very effective at bringing you traffic. The likes of Google Webmaster Tools are a great way for you to see exactly what is going on with your site’s backlinks. It is likely that you might have some low quality sites that are not only irrelevant to the content of your site but also potentially damaging to its reputation – whether it is through explicit sites or ones of an untrustworthy nature.

If you are looking to optimise your SEOs results then it is important to know that not only are backlinks with top notch content essential, but equally so is avoiding these types of negative links! 

The likes of footer links and other naked links’ have long been used by SEO agencies, but where once they might have been an effective tool they are now becoming redundant. For instance blogroll links, where you essentially buy a place on a sites sidebar offer a pretty generic and uninteresting reason for people to follow that link. Google have also become very good at hunting out commercial sites who try to get into blogrolls, so chances are this is a wasted investment. 

Google and other SEOs have begun to put pressure on the likes of blogroll links that are irrelevant to the topic of a site and the reason they are not very effective is that if you adopt the methods of footer and blogrolls then you could potentially end up having hundreds of links on your site and this can damage not only the appeal of the site but also how it appears on search engines. 

The crux is that with these generic and numerous links, there is no real link to quality and unique content that helps keep people exploring new sites. A lot of this content isn’t even readable and is present on spammy site platforms that scream illegitimacy! Linking your site to these platforms may as well be the same as shooting yourself in the foot.

Does that sound drastic? Well are you going to be enticed to click on some footer links or some unexplained links along the side of a site you aren’t familiar with on a dodgy-looking site? Thought not. Anyone worth their salt in SEO agencies should know that the only way to create SEO value is to use links from sites that are both valid and respectable!

Why Content Is Key To Effective Linking

So why do backlinks need good quality content? It is as simple as it makes them relevant! People want to be taken to areas that have relevancy to the site they were on. If I was researching birthday cakes and I was taken to a gun website then that is the perfect example of an inaccurate backlink that has no relevancy to what I’m looking for. 

The credibility of the sites that you chose to post your links on is going to affect the overall credibility of your site. If we refer to the expression of backlinks being roads between websites, then a poor quality backlink is going to take you to the wrong part of town.

It is better to have one backlink from a site such as Huffington Post or the BBC than 1,000 footer or naked links. This is because people trust the good quality content of these sites and will happily follow the provided links. Their content is also engaging and interests the audience enough to continue that line of thought and this is how companies get traffic and sales. 

Automated Link Building Requires Huge Amounts Of Unique Content

Churn and burn SEO takes a different approach. But here some of the rules remain the same. While you might as a webmaster be looking to get links from slightly less well known sites, the quality of the site is still important. Aged sites that had a final Page rank of 2 or higher is a good place to start.

Page rank is dead of course, however, it’s still a recent enough measure of quality that it can be used to decide where to place automated links. Tools like SENuke Xcr or Ultimate Demon can then be used to target these “Page rank rich” site lists.The key remains the same though.

These Links, To Work Well,  Need To Be Surrounded By Unique Content

Unique in terms of how the search engines view it. Meaning that automated content tools such as Kontent Machine 3 or Kontent Machine 4 can do the job for you very well for you creating thousands of articles of various lengths for use in all sorts of linking opportunities. From complete 1000 word or more articles, to small 50 word snippets and comments. The ability to insert video or images automatically and use good page formatting such as header tags, bold and italics really helps add variety and readability to the articles than Kontent Machine can create.

How To Get Good Content?

We’ve mentioned the need for good content in order to make a backlink successful, but how is this achieved? These are the key criteria in establishing good content.

Website Relevancy

What this refers to is having links from other sites that are actually related to your site. This is perhaps the key component in getting good backlinks. 

A search engine will evaluate the quality of a link to ensure that the service it is providing is accurate and this is the key factor in the position of a website in an SEO results. Because of this it is key that sites use good quality backlinks otherwise they are helping themselves in no way. SEOs will not only look at the relevance of the backlink but also at how relevant the back linked site is to the link as a whole. 

Use Trusted Sources For A1 Linking And “Decent” Sources For Automated Linking With Kontent Machine Quality Content

This tends to go in hand with relevancy; if a link comes from a good and reliable source then the chances are it will be a trustworthy link. For instance if the BBC site linked another website then you would happily assume it to be a good quality link because the BBC are perceived as being trustworthy. The issue is that these top-quality sites are hard to get links from.


If your backlink takes you to a page with 150 other links on it then the chances are that this really isn’t going to be beneficial for your search engine prospects. For starters the content providing the link would appear to be of low quality and therefore untrustworthy and it wouldn’t play a beneficial part in driving you up a search engines listing. Therefore the fewer links there are on a page, the trust worthier and higher quality the link will tend to be. 

Real Content Vs Automated Content

Reading an online article that is interesting and genuine is likely to make you click on a backlink to a related site. This is because not only are you on a website that you are interested in, but you have become interested enough to want to pursue that line of thought and therefore the good quality content has achieved its job. On the other hand if you look at an article and it is written poorly and doesn’t make sense then the chances are you really aren’t going to click on a linked site because it will appear dubious. We have all seen these sites that don’t look trustworthy and the content isn’t engaging enough to pursue. 

However, that is if channelling visitors from the lining site is important. If the only purpose you have for the content is to provide higher search engine ranking for your main site by adding powerful links to rank you main site and its internal URL’s more highly, then automated content is really the only way to go. Ranking 5 landing pages quickly would require a minimum of 20 links per landing page, probably more likely 50 to 100 links. The vast majority of these links will require content surrounding them.

Are You Happy To Write 500 or 1000 Articles To Rank One Churn And Burn Website?

Or Would You Prefer To Automate The Process?


Long Term Feature Sites And Churn And Burn Affiliate Sites Require Different Content Strategies 

Overall backlinks need good content to make them legitimate and to then pass this legitimacy on to your website. People are always going to relate to a detailed and well-written article as opposed to generic and unintelligible pages. Good content brings a relatability and trustworthiness and as a result you will be more inclined to get traffic from people following good quality content than dubious sources. Decide whether the site is a feature site. Your own pride and joy. A site relating to your profession or passion. Or whether it is one of your farm of affiliate money maker sites that you need to build and rank quickly and can be replaced with less than a days work.

For the former you need Aq1 quality links with content hand written and likely placed on sites that vet every submission by hand

For the latter. you need Kontent Machine. The ability to create hundreds of articles that are seen as unique by the search engines. And, while they might not be the most readable (though if you handle the settings well they can be perfectly adequate in terms of legibility) Creating hundreds of articles formatted specifically for linking and ranking your keywords inside minutes. Then feeding these articles into Ultimate Demon or SeNukeXcr will do the job for the professional affiliate site builder.