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3 Tips To Make Your Blog Content More Engaging

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We live in a day and age where all webmasters and blog owners struggle to get an edge over the competition and get the attention of those precious readers in the blogosphere. To do that, they need to create high-quality content that is not only optimized for search engines, but it’s engaging for users. In the end, humans will read the blog, not robots.

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If your blog content is engaging, readers will come back for more. A good blog creates addiction among savvy readers and turns them into avid fans. Responsiveness, readability and a high degree of personalization are essential factors for a highly successful blog that continues to spike interest among new visitors and keeps subscribers coming back for more.

We all want to make our blog content more engaging and we struggle to become a trusted source of information in our niche. However, to get there from here, you need to make sure your content is of the highest quality possible and that it engages users. 

Here are three easy-to-implement tips to make your readers fall in love with your blog content.

1. Embed Videos

According to recent research conducted by a group of marketers in the United States and posted on SEOMoz (, blog posts with embed videos attract up to three times more visitors than plain text posts. Using visual content in your blog posts could prove to be a game changer for you. More and more marketers are coming to discover the benefits of embracing visual content and are already seeing huge returns of investment and an extraordinary boost in popularity. Additionally, they are now seen as an authority in their niches, and authority alone creates tons of traffic. 

Kontent Machine can add videos automatically. As well as images and some other multi media elements. It also deals with page formatting with ease. H1, H2 tags, paragraph details, keyword tags. They are all dealt with inside Kontent Machine 3/4’s interface in a “set and forget” manner”

Adding videos to your posts can make you seem more authoritative in the eyes of your readers. The good news is that you don’t have to produce these videos in-house or outsource them. You can simply share a recent interesting video you’ve come across. However, if you decide to create your own video, you don’t need an astronomical budget to become successful. There are tons of compelling videos that have been recorded with a phone camera and have gone viral, attracting tens of thousands of visitors.

2. Serve Personalized Content

While Kontent Machine 3 and Kontent Machine 4 can fill your website and surround your links on 3rd party sites with great content sourced from around the web, there is a premium on adding your own twist. Spending 30 minutes with a good spinning tool adding some personalization. Maybe in the form of an opening paragraph, perhaps a bio, better still both.

100 words that add clearly written personality to your content can take just a few minutes to create and spin well and can make a huge difference to your click through rate.

Another great way to make your blog content way more engaging is to narrow down your marketing effort in order to reach every single reader on an individual level. Personalization is no longer something that can give you a boost in your community, but a necessity for success. When your content caters to multiple audiences, you need to make sure you create content that relates to the interests of your users. 

For instance, after users enter this page (, they have to choose their role. Based on their choice, they are shown a list of appropriate blog articles that narrows down their search.

This is a great example of personalization. When you use personalization on your blog, you are not just reaping the added benefit of an increased reader satisfaction, but you also get to enjoy a unique design that adds value to your blog. Personalization is also a great tool to find precious information about your site visitors, being perfect for testing and analytics. Use this tool to segment your content even better and greatly enhance your blog visitors’ satisfaction.

3. Capitalize on Responsive Design

One thing that content machine cannot help with is your initial site design. Expect that around 50% of your visitors will be via mobile devices. Dealing with this traffic efficiently by first ensuring your site is responsive is vital these days. the bounce rate on mobile devices for none responsive sites that don’t display navigation elements correctly is close to 100%

Needless to say, more and more people read blog content on the go. Time has become the most precious asset we have today, especially in big cities where people need to spend precious hours in traffic. Most of them use that time to check on their social accounts, look for information online, order their favorite products or simply read a new blog post that is of interest to them.

According to a recent study performed by Google on mobile traffic (, mobile-friendly blogs have up to three times more chances to turn a visitor into a customer. According to the same study, over 79% of users who are unable to enjoy a mobile-friendly experience when accessing a new blog on their mobile devices leave in less than 15 seconds and go to another site that is mobile optimized.

When your blog is mobile optimized, around 50% of your traffic (50% of total blog visitors are mobile) will be eager to spend precious minutes reading your content and they might even share it or make a purchase. Turn your blog responsive and you will definitely make your content much more engaging.