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3 Ways To Promote A Blog Post

So, you’ve spent all of 20 minutes getting Kontent Machine 3 or Kontent Machine 4 to create thousands of unique articles for you. That’s great. But what do you do when you need to promote them?

Promote Your Content Effectively For Free

There is always automation of course, but how might you go about it without automation. Are there any good methods you can use to get your articles noticed without using an SEO tool?

Of course there are, and here are three great ways to promote your work for free

Getting attention to yourself and to your brand. The primary issue however is if you don’t do anything to promote your post it is possible that no one will ever get to read it. There are far more than 3 ways to promote a blog post but these are some ways that I have found that have worked for me in the past. It is important to recognize your own skill set to determine the method that is best for you.

Stay Topical

Before promoting the blog post it is important to determine what would be a good topic to write about. The choice of topic will significantly affect the prospective viral nature of whatever content you are creating, and whether or not people will want to link to it or read it.

For example, let’s say you owned a Toronto sports blog and you wanted to make a blog post. If you wrote a blog post about the five most lovable Toronto Maple Leafs right now it would likely not get a lot of traction. This is because the leaves are currently terrible, the hockey season is not currently underway and there is a vague dislike for the Leafs in the city of Toronto.
That being said if you wrote a a good essay about the five most hilarious Toronto Blue Jays it would be much more likely to get a lot of traction, because the Blue Jays are winning and the city of Toronto loves them for the moment Keep in mind seasonal trends and current public interest when writing a blog post.

Here Are Three Free Ways To Promote Your New Blog Post

Use Your Contact – Use Any Contacts

How about some celebrity or authority outreach? Often Twitter is a great place to try this tactic out. One of the best ways to promote a blog post is to reach out to Media and Celebrities. In today’s society celebrities are potentially much more reachable than in the past. To speak about my own experience, my partner and myself have had 3 pieces of content that were tweeted by celebrities in the past and the effect was immediate. If a celebrity tweets about your post it could then become part of the news and therefore lead to additional media attention.

NO matter what your topic there is guaranteed to be some group or individual tweeting about it. Check out their posts and importantly their hash tags – use them yourself.

Another thing to realize is that media often copies each other. If you can get one person to tweet your post or mention your website, the odds of an avalanche of media attention greatly increases. For ideas on who to tweet, see if you can find someone who is using this twitter outreach strategy and take note on his or her twitter outreach distribution list.

A Little Manual SEO

The content that Kontent Machine creates can already be configured to be high value and highly legible. It is possible with the right settings inside Kontent Machine itself to get on page SEO pretty much spot on. But what about off page?

One of the best parts about SEO is that you increase the likelihood of your content becoming evergreen. What this means is that if you get a post in a newspaper you will get a ton of traffic for a few weeks. If you show up on the first page of Google for a search term you will get consistent traffic for months or even years. The trick to showing up on Google is getting other high quality sites to link back to your blog post.

My strategy for this is to create a high quality informational articles and then reach out to institutions who might find such an article useful. For example I recently made a post about passing the bar exam. In order to get back links for the post I now plan on reaching out to different Law Schools and asking them if they would link back to the post. If they believe that the post will be useful for their students they will link to it and my SEO rankings will increase.

Direct Marketing

The final strategy that I like to use is paid outreach. This means either advertising the post on Facebook or Google Adwords.
One thing I like about advertising your content on Facebook is that if people like what they read or see and they click like on it, it will show up to some of their friends on Facebook. I’ve had posts that I’ve promoted on Facebook in the past been shared numerous times. Therefore the amount that you pay could be greatly multiplied by the virality of your content.
The other option for paid outreach is Google Adwords which is paying to show up with Google. I really like this strategy but it only works if you have a good monetization strategy. An example of this would be if you were collecting email addresses of people that you could sell to in the future.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll see I promote nearly every post I create. What might surprise you is how little I spend. Micro marketing for $2 – $5 works wonderfully if you know how to manage demographics properly. Facebook’s marketing application is excellent at allowing you to tailor your audience very specifically by age, likes, locality etc. Twitter is not quite as good or robust, but the right small snippets of content, especially using “Twitter Cards” can prove an excellent marketing tactic

So turn Kontent Machine on and let it do its thing, but don’t remember that content alone is only half the story. Don’t forget to effectively promote your work.