How Often Should You Add Content To Your Site Or Blog?

By | December 5, 2015

One of the main reasons why you need to update content on your website is to improve its visibility in search engines, and of course to make it interesting to your prospects and customers.

Tools like Kontent Machine make adding content to your first tier structure, be that a  blog network or a WEB2.0 type set up quick and easy. In conjunction with tools like Rankwyz, Ultimate Demon, SENuke or similar, Kontent Machine will make this process as simple as pressing a few buttons and sitting back.

But what about your money site.

Here’s the thing. While 95% of the content you create is to support your links. The best 5% is normally to go directly on your money site, and this has got to be good. Preferably completely unique (though for churn and burn style SEO this isn’t strictly required) So Kontent Machine 3 can reduce that 95% of the work down to minutes, but you should still take the effort in the remaining 5% and have it professionally authored or written yourself

So How Often Is That?

Frequent Blog Updates

Search engines love fresh or new content because it offers them a good reason to return to your site and see what’s up. For example, Google has updated their algorithm several times in order to help their users or clients receive high-quality search results. Updating new content also provides you with a good opportunity to be found for phrases you were not talking about on your site there before. 

There is absolutely no real guide as to how frequently you should add content to your site. There are several theories but it is generally agreed that regularly is okay. Nonetheless, one requires being familiar with how their site is fairing on search engines before starting. Removing content or adding new content from a website that’s doing very well and generating great traffic might result in that site falling off page 1 or page 2 of a search engine!

Adding content may mean several things. It may mean adding a new article or page, adding images, links, email address or logo etc. So we are not basically just talking about the text.

Making a decision on how often you will be adding content is usually the first and one of the most important steps. If you have a blog, for example, make it weekly. But, if you can’t afford to do this on a weekly basis, then you can either create time to go through your content and update something monthly or fortnightly or make it event-focused – for instance, when you put out your newsletters.

The second step is deciding what type of content will be valuable for your clients or customers. Consider the kind of topics/discussions they raise. You may want to add them to your new page, FAQs, a blog, etc.

The final step is for you to make a decision on who should write/create the new content. It will be more valuable to invest in a superb copywriter who greatly understands the search engines as well as the internet, instead of wasting more of your time writing something by yourself, which does not help your customers or site! Nevertheless, no one knows or understands your products better than you. Don’t forget that it is not about quantity; it is about quality. 

Other considerations 

If you’ve some pages which aren’t doing well at all, you may want to completely get rid of them, rewrite them totally or revise them slightly.

Fresh content offers you the opportunity to communicate with your clients and encourage them to visit your website or online business. You can therefore request for feedback concerning your new content, or ask them to share with colleagues or friends. 

Updating your site helps you play safe and stand out high from your competitors. It also begins to make you look more professional by keeping your clients update

Adding images on your website’s home page is also another easy cool way to pimp up your site. By adding content to your site, you will be creating a very strong bond between your business and your customers, and this is obviously likely to translate into more sales if it’s an online business.

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