Kontent Machine Into 2016

By | January 10, 2016

Creating and curating great content using Kontent Machine 3 is a simple process?

Well, yes it is. The mechanics of getting this content remain much the same, however the purpose of the content and the settings used in the application will vary a little as time goes on.

New content in 2016

For instance, I rarely if ever use Kontent Machine content for my own sites. It is used for linking, as we all know, links on their own, not surrounded and supported by content mean very little and are likely to harm rather than promote the site they link to.

Also of course you have one site and create hundreds of links, so by far the greatest need for content is on your links (100-1 maybe?) your mileage may vary of course.

As the year 2016 kicks off, every business owner, particularly those who dominate the online platform to market their businesses, is anticipating for new business prospects. As a business owner, one of your priorities this year is most likely growth, and therefore, this should be the high time that you started reflecting on how you will achieve your goals. One of the factors that can give you an excellent chance of bringing in new and magnificent deals for your business remains to be your website. Your website or blog needs to have great content for you to gain more traffic and leads, as well as rank you higher in the search engines. Here is what will define good website content in 2016.

Accurate content

The content on your website reflects your company, and any issues associated with it brings an impact on how people view your products or services. Anyone on the internet can easily access your site. You would, therefore, imagine the damage that inaccurate content can bring to your company as well as your reputation. During this year, ensure that any information, including statistics, that you provide to your clients and potential customers is verifiable.

If you have to link your content to another source, consider checking whether they are trustable and authoritative or not. Linking your content to reliable sources earns you more trust from your readers and helps the search engines such as Google to figure out what your content is all about, and hence rank you better.

Multiple language

Growth, as mentioned earlier, is pretty high on your priority list this year. Doing your business internationally is another cheap way of attaining this goal. Website content with more than one language will help you in doing away with a large barrier that you probably didn’t imagine. Most importantly, it is convenient reading some web content in your native, or preferred language. Your products and services become widely known once you provide your website visitors with an alternative language, leading to more conversions and ultimately, more revenues.

Branded video content

If you have been using images and diagrams alone in the past, consider incorporating a video in your website in 2016. A video enhances the understanding of your audience better than just written content. By having both (written and video content), you can be sure of reaching out to a substantial number of potential clients.

The trending branded video content are homepage and product page videos. If your products or services are considerably complicated to discern, you can come up with a product page video to guide your customers through the buying process and in the same breath, boost your conversions. To make your site’s homepage compelling as much as possible, make use of a background video. This way, you can increase your business’s online presence.

Actionable content

Every content you post on your blog or website should be relevant and useful to the visitors. Valuable content does not only increase the generation of leads, but also reduces visitors’ bounce rates. Consider giving your users a sense of how to apply the information you provide them. By doing this, you give them an assurance that they know how to use the products or services that you offer.

Engaging and intriguing

A successful website is one that engages and captures the minds of its audience perfectly. Make your site interesting by creating some engaging content. Make use of rhetorical questions that allow readers figure out how they can positively implement the knowledge you provide them, anecdotes, and anything else that is captivating. Note that an engaging content is more likely to spark copious comments that can interest the search engines, making them come to your site more frequently, and potentially rank it higher.

Genuine content

As it has always been in the past years, high-quality content is key to a successful website in 2016. It may take you extra time and resources, but quality content will always be fruitful. People will find a reason to visit your site, and even refer it to others. However, you need to ensure that your content is always fresh and original. Unoriginal content makes the visitors lose trust in you, not mentioning the punishment from search engines such as Google.

Different people have varied reasons to have content sites, and employ different methods of setting them from their competitors. You can make sure that your website pulls its weight in 2016 by implementing the tips mentioned above.

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