Integrating Kontent Machine Into An Effective Workflow

By | March 2, 2016

In today’s world, a lot of people are familiar with what SEO is and how important it is, especially for business owners. Unfortunately, not all are capable of creating an effective SEO strategy to promote their website– either because of lack of time or they simply don’t have the knowledge needed for it. That’s why, in order to help those who want to want to discover an effective work process for SEO, we have gathered some of the best ways on how to effectively use SEO. So how would a tool like Kontent Machine fit into a workflow and what other activities are there you should consider?

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Know the Target Audience

You’re probably aware that the main goal of SEO is to get a good rank in major search engines, because this would help in driving traffic to one’s website. However, the truth is, this wouldn’t even have a huge impact if you are showing your website to the wrong people– audiences who are not even interested in what you have to offer. That’s why it’s very important to know your target audience first and try to learn everything about them– this includes search patterns, demographics, geographic location, preferences, and the like. The best way to make this happen is with the help of an analytics account.
After defining your target audience, the next thing you have to do is to set objectives with your target audience in mind. For instance, what do you want your readers to do every time they visit your website? What’s the best possible way to make that happen based on the information you have gathered? If you don’t have a set of goals, it’s almost impossible to even get your desired outcome. Don;t forget personality profiling for your intended audience (more here)

Categorizing the Keyword Research

After carefully analyzing the kind of audience that should be targeted, you should form a keyword research. Try to decide the keywords that should be used– this could either be of great help or negatively impact your SEO strategy. The best way to do this is by creating an excel sheet that records the keyword in several categories according to your target audience personas, how the website should be sectioned, and it could also be a mixture of both. Ideally, the search volume and all keywords should be recorded.
Site Structure and On-Page SEO
SEO plays a vital role in helping major search engines understand what the website is all about. So, the initial step is to ensure that the major search engines would crawl to the website and find relevant contents easily. See to it that the site has a promising internal linking and there aren’t any broken links, there’s good navigation, suitable page load-times, and like what has been said earlier, the content should be unique.
Keyword research can also be useful, because it can help in optimizing the web content. This is important, especially if you want to build particular pages around keyword centered themes, because it offers search engines a clear idea on what can be expected on the page.
Friendly Advice: Never stuff keywords to the point that your content will look unnatural. Just try to write the content like how you usually do. Feed the readers first, then the search engines. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

So using Kontent Machine this task is pretty simple. Use resources such as the Keyword planner or 3rd party research tools to get a handle on what is required. Do not forget context and relevancy, they are vital these days. Word count for most sites per page should exceed 500 though as users of tools such as Yoast will know 300 is sometimes considered enough

Consider Off-Page SEO

Links are considered to be one of the main factors in regard to how a search engine ranks a website. That’s why having a link building strategy encompassing several tactics can be a great way to draw inbound links and make the site more relevant.
For the link building strategy, the best thing one can do is to earn links the natural way. Try to make connections in your chosen field or industry, as well as with the target audience. This can help in improving the brand’s reputation, as well as the off-page SEO. Keep in mind, the more you expand your connections, the more people will be interested in linking back to your site. Not just that, Google is also rewarding sites that are popular and have connections with reliable and popular sites.

Keep an Eye on the Date and Results

Having the idea of what is working well and what is not, is very important, because the earlier you could get a method in place to monitor the results and data, the better it would be.

Final Words

SEO is a continuous process, and with the help of a sound strategy, you’ll be able to enjoy online success in no time.

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