Safe Effective Digital Marketing Automation

By | April 12, 2016


SEO does not need to be that complex. At its core good digital marketing that is safe and effective is simply applying the right combination of tools and tips to get the site more visible in search engines. In order to give visitors the best and most original content, search engines evolve their algorithm on a regular basis. This ensures that the sites that deserve to be at the top are at the top. Safe effective digital marketing automation can really help out here. If a site does not implement some of these free tools, it could get lost in the sea of invisibility in search engines.

Effective Digital Marketing Automation

Tools like SER Powerhouse, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Kontent Machine don’t do anything that an individual could not do given enough time and resource, but then that is not the point of these tools. The point is to save the busy internet marketer huge amounts of time to allow them to focus their entrepreneurial efforts into creating websites,m cultivating relationships and building a great content strategy.

Tools For Digital Marketing Automation

The best tool to use for any type of SEO is the Google AdWords keyword Tool. This tool comes in handy when one wants to make their page visible to people using the internet. It helps one to find keywords that are related to a certain topic of discussion. In this way, the webmaster knows which words he or she should include on the website. Alternatively, one can use this tool to analyze the web page. It displays which keywords are related and more relevant for use on the site.

Google Analytics is another free tool that anyone who owns a website should know about. This tool gives a lot of insight in the visitors to the site. For instance, it provides one with information of what the visitors click on the site. It also tells one how many visits leads to conversions. In addition, it includes information such as periods of heaviest traffic. All this information can be valuable if one knows how to utilize it.

WebConfs is another awesome tool that every webmaster should consider using. It offers the site owner lots of useful data. For instance, it can track backlinks, check keyword density, suggest relevant keywords or rewrite the URL. All of these tools and many others are important in keeping a site relevant to the viewers.

A tool like Webconfs allows you to keep track of any links created by the conjunction of other tools such as GSA SER and SER Powerhouse

The SEO Book is another great tool that has proven its worth to internet marketers over time. It comes with many free and paid tools. The free tools are more than enough for basic SEO. The tool can be used to suggest keywords, suggest links, and analyze the keyword density among many other tools. It will definitely be a valuable addition to one’s arsenal of SEO tools.

Another great tool for keyword suggestion is WordStream. These tools offer more profitable keywords than even those given by Google. Users who want to make their site relevant must incorporate these tools into their site.

Interesting Ideas

One needs to make sure their site can actually hold onto traffic. Traffic bouncing is a big issue in determining how Google ranks a site. If too much traffic keeps skipping, it looks very bad. One way of doing this is to include the media. People will spend longer on a site if they find pictures or interesting videos. Not many people will stay on a site that only has text. One should use captivating graphics that are relevant to the topic of the website.

Making the posts shareable on social media is a great strategy. This is a way for the site to earn free exposure. The links should be responsive and easily visible. This will mean incorporating huge icons of the specific social media site. More traffic will result from the site being on social media.

The keyword should appear in the first paragraph. The keyword needs to be within the first three sentences. Otherwise, a visitor may suspect they are in the long place and quickly bounce. Besides that, the first hundred words should have related keywords. This will also assist to reassure traffic.

Make the site available on different devices. If the site is only accessible by desktop, visitors will start to ignore it. Most people use their mobile phones on the go to access the internet. This means optimizing a site to fit on different screens and mobile-based browsers. The more successful hits the site gets, the more favourably Google ranks the page. Besides that, the site should also load fast. A slow site can be the surest way to cause bouncing traffic.


Ideas come to mind with these strategies using inexpensive commercial tools as well. Finding muse for your content using Kontent Machine, then setting up effective deep linking multi layered strategies using SER Powerhouse working in conjunction with GSA Search Engine Ranker

These tips will help with SEO in a great way. However, one should avoid black hat techniques such as duplication of content from other sites. The website could be banned from the search engine.

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