Why Content Is More Vital Then Ever In SEO

By | September 5, 2016

I use quite a few tools to find and curate content. Kontent Machine is just one of them. But why bother at all?

Simple really. Whether it’s hand crafted sales copy, SEO content to attract high rankings or informative or interesting content to keep visitors happy. High quality written work only ever adds value to your website, your business and your visitors.

Over the years Google has strengthened its algorithms driven system to provide the best results for users. This system takes note of images, video and of course contents. The images and videos are certainly great to hold on to visitor attentions, but it’s a fact that an algorithm based system that Google uses will be able to examine the worth of those images and videos up to a certain extent. This also happens because going through the words is much easier and faster than scouting through images.

Content, The Reason that Google Users Will Spend More Time

At the same time, visitor experience also makes a great impact on Google search engine rankings. If a visitor comes to your website or blog, and spends time, then your content will move higher in the ranking race. On the other hand, a visitor’s quick backing out from your page will leave you with lesser points and a possible slide in ranking. Now, the question is what attracts the viewers? The answer is pretty simple and that is- content itself. If they feel it is the right place to find the answers they are looking for, then they will show interest in your content. This “holding on” game is, today, aided by use of images and videos, but the importance of content remains higher. It is a fact that when a viewer is coming to your website they will obviously look for the words that answers their query or interest. Now, if those words are not rightly addressed and less informative, you are sure to lose viewers quickly.
It can be said that sometimes it is important to represent those words carefully and this is why the trends of highlighting important words or sentences, use of “cheat sheets” have increased so much in website contents.

Kontent Machine can do all this spade work for you. Adding a mix of contextual words and phrases in the right ratio to make a great reading experience for your website visitors.

Google Values- Quality Information

There are so many videos and contents on the web teaching you several tricks to get higher rankings, but the value of good content remains constant. Google takes note of hard work, they appreciate informative and useful content. The ways of getting good search engine ranking depends on the depth of your knowledge, originality and your ability to serve purposeful words to viewers. If someone is providing a well researched content for the target audience then those words will be surely valued as it is giving a good experience to Google users and this user experience is the highest priority for Google and it can served only with- proper writing.

However Google and the other search engines are not very good at understanding anything more than a basic image. It couldn’t tell a Picasso from 5 year old line drawing of a house in most cases. That’s why content (and tools like Kontent Machine 3) remain vitally important

TO answer the question posed in the title? You will already know by now, but let’s make it official- The answer – “Yes”.

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