Buzzundle Quick Overview (Video Post)

By | December 8, 2016

Another quick change in tack. This time to showcase a tool that might provide the missing link to many of you looking to utilise the power of social media.

I’ve seen the professional versions of social media management platforms from the buyers perspective and – once you get past the free trial or very cheap and limited single user license (which also limits features like searches, reports, accounts and posts) the price scales up out of all proportion. For instance I enquired  – (because you have to enquire – pro pricing is never openly advertised for these tools) for a 4 seat license for Hootsuite about a year ago. Basically to do what 4x the $9.99 single monthly license did.

I expected it to be more that 4x the $9.99 though. After all you could do reports and add a couple more accounts to each seat. So what do you think it was $50? $100? $250

Not even close

It was $1500 per month!!

A staggering cost and not at all justifiable. Not when a product like Hootsuite exists. So that’s what I went for and the video below is a quick overview of what I found and what it does.  The good, the not so good – but above all the excellent value.

[Hint] It’s a great option for agencies without money to burn and it works very well..

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