What Makes a Good Call To Action?

By | April 15, 2017

Call To Action (CTA)- the fastest way to tell people what to do. The goal of all the businesses is to generate revenue which would, in turn, translate into profits. These revenues can only be obtained if a customer takes specific actions. The visitors who by chance happen to visit your website or mobile app have many other things to do on the internet, and one of them is visiting your competitor’s site. You need to communicate to them quickly the actions that they should take. They should not start fumbling on your site wondering what to do. This is why the importance of a good CTA is always emphasized. Here are the characteristics of an effective CTA.

1. Visibility

A web visitor should not be forced to search for the Call To Action. It should be easily visible so as to encourage a visitor to take the most appropriate action. Here are some of the factors which determine the visibility of a CTA.

  • Color patterns: First you should forget about the myth of magic colours. All the colors that you use for your CTA can deliver good results; it all depends on how you match them. An effective CTA should have contrasting colour patterns. The color of the button should be different from the rest of the web content.
  • Different front: The texts in the CTA should look differently and should have a different feel from the rest of the content. You can use bigger and bolder font size. If you are using a button for your CTA, ensure that the font colour and the background colour of the button match.

2. Action-oriented

Good CTAs need to focus on the actions that a visitor should take. In other words, their messages should be able to trigger immediate actions. Some of the words that you can use include;

  • Download
  • Create account
  • Attend the webinar

-Sign Up

The wordings should not beat around the bush but instead should straight-forward.

3. Persuasive/compelling

You should be able to capture the emotions of the customers just by using the CTA. Some visitors may not be fully convinced why they should take some actions such as purchasing a particular product. It is your responsibility to tell them the importance of the product or why they should subscribe to your emails. By using a compelling language, the customer will be able to connect well with the product.

4. Precise

The best CTAs are not wordy. They should be able to convey their messages in the fewest words. If you are finding it difficult to make your CTA brief, just draft several lines of the possible CTAs then pick a few words which will be used in the final draft. If you have any extra information, add a link below the CTA which the visitors will follow to get more information.

5. Reassuring

Many visitors tend to panic before clicking on a particular CTA. Some of the possible questions that they may have included: Will they charge on my credit cad? Is my information safe? Will I be able to recover my money? Do not leave you visitors in darkness. Add an assuring text just after the main CTA word. You need to be careful that the extra wordings should not cover the big message of the CTA. Some of the popular reassuring words that you can use include:

  • Free shipping
  • Your Information will be protected
  • No hidden charges

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