Great Content Is More Than Just Text.

By | June 6, 2017

Content is great – it rocks. It encourages link building, it engages readers, search engines love it. But sometimes written content alone is not wnough. Here are some great resources (mostly free) that allow you to add colour (or color if you’re are from the USA) and variety to your creations to keep your users engaged and encourage even more sharing and inbound linking.

For online creators who are in need of creating an online content aside from the traditional texts, then you’re in for a treat. There’s actually a lot of resources that could help you with image manipulation, video production, info graphic creation, and many more. Best of all, these online resources are usually free to use. If you’re ready to discover some of these, keep on reading as we present some of the best free alternatives to text content.

1. Piktochart
Does it feel like your content is boring? Do you want to make it a little more engaging? Then Piktochart is for you! When pictures, texts, and graphs come together, they could create more engagement– this is why infographics has always been considered as a very powerful medium online. Believe it or not, it has about 30 times probability to be read online.

However, the problem with inforgraphics is that time consuming and challenging to those who has little knowledge regarding the use of software, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Coral Draw. So, a program, such as Piktochart, can definitely be helpful. This app does a wonderful job, because there are already several templates and icons to choose from. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to customize your infographics the way you want it

2. Adobe Spark Video
Are you thinking of making a video for your website? Adobe Spark video is worth considering. You don’t even need to have a professional-looking camera, but just your iPhone! Adobe has an iPhone app known as Adobe Spark Video. This app would allow you to create a video either from scratch or from their pre-defined template. There are seven preconfigured templates that will help you promote your idea, describe something important, share your personal experience, teach something, and so on. Additionally, unlike other video creating tool where you have to know everything in order to use it, this one is a little tad different; you’ll be guided through the process. For instance, you chose to teach something, you’ll be welcomed with six template designs to choose from.

3. Canva
Canva is considered to be one of the most versatile free design tools for marketers. With this app, you can create attractive visuals ranging from simple image posts and banners, but you can also go to the next level and come up with detailed blog graphics and posters. It also comes with pre-loaded sets of vector images, pictures, fonts, and many more. Most of which are free to use. With Canva, you can also take advantage of the wide array of templates that you could tweak and personalize depending on your liking. Once you’re done, you just have to upload it in your website and that’s it.

4. Pixlr
Adobe Photoshop is not for everyone– it requires a lot of practice from the user before he can even take advantage of its wonderful features. Fortunately, Autodesk launched a more user-friendly version of Photoshop and this is known as Pixlr. Despite the fact that it’s a free app, it’s also equipped with the most commonly used features in Adobe Photoshop that would allow you to edit, add filters, create collages, and many more.

5. BeFunky
BeFunky is a free-web based design tool, collage maker, and photo editor. However, what makes it different from other tools is that not only does it allow you to create quick-and-easy graphics for social media, it also offers full graphics program and photo editing program at the same time.

Although it’s not exactly Photoshop, rest assured that it wouldn’t limit you from creating beautiful graphics easily. This app is for those who already has a background in photo editing, but would still want to keep everything toned down and simple.

Final Words
Without a doubt, visual content is truly indispensable– especially if you’re a web content creation. Aside from the fact that visual content is more appealing to viewers, it has higher chances of being shared on social media than text content. Catchy graphics and images have been proven to be some of the best tools when it comes to spreading information in a quick, concise manner. Aside from the common tools, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photshop, and MS Powerpoint, there are other tools that you can use to create captivating visual contents and these are just some of those. So, what are you waiting for, give these apps a try and see how it can positively affect your blog.

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