Can You Buy A Lifetime License?

How many times have I been asked this question. It seems everyone wants to take advantage and get the savings that owning a lifetime license would bring.

Well, the good news is “Yes”

Ok, stop cheering, it’s not as simple as that. The good news is “Yes…sometimes”

You see the developers do sometimes open up for buying these licences and have a small window of opportunity. The last time this happened was about a year ago, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they will make it an annual event.

Is That All You’ve Got?


Erm, well no. Each time a major upgrade has occurred has signalled an opportunity, often only for a matter of a few days. And as we know “Version 3” is due out any time soon, so my thinking is that it’s pretty much nailed on that we will get another opportunity.

Will You Be Selling Kontent Machine Lifetime License’s?

Yes. So while I don’t know exactly when they will be released, I can tell you that here will be the place to get them.

I’ve made this update a page rather than a post as I can easily update it as more information becomes available. And if you were going to enquire about a bonus? Well we will have that as well. Full membership to demonseo, my private members forum with all the goodies lists, tools, e-books and of course my ear (in a manner of speaking)

All we need now is a date. I obviously can’t guarantee anything, but like I said, this information is pretty much nailed on, and the new feature set that Kontent Machine 3  has will make the whole thing really worth while.

Expect “click through” quality and “”who needs copyscape” uniqueness coupled with “where the hell can I put all of this text”? quantities.  Smile

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