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Welcome to Kontent Machine 3.0. The One Stop Content Resource For 2017

Those of you who already use Kontent Machine 3.0 of this indispensable SEO and affiliate tool will know the hours that it saves, dealing with all of your article sourcing and sundry content needs under one roof and through one simple interface.

Coupled with a world class spinner – the best in class WordAI and fed into a link building tool like GSA search engine ranker – you have an unbeatable combination to kick-start your SEO.


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Newest update for Kontent Machine

Update: In 2017 expect some fantastic new tools which link Kontent Machine to the best SEO and link creation tools on the market. More here as soon as we have more updates.

Now with SER Powerhouse Link GSA Search Engine Ranker to Kontent Machine and run campaigns with precise control, custom link structures and little or no need for continuous overhead or supervision. These three tools combined are the “sacred trinity” of offsite SEO.

Content – Links – Control

With the ability to scrape from an unmatched number of locations across the web, you will never run out of fresh articles and blog posts.

Imagine The Time You’re Going To Save!

Tens if not hundred of hours of time saved, allowing you to get on with the real work of promoting your websites, your products and services, and making money while Kontent Machine 4 does the heavy lifting for you.

The good news is that this new version is  just around the corner, and if you look back at how we have supported this tool over the past few years you can be assured that that level of support right here is going to continue with the new version. A free upgrade to existing users! 

There has never been a better time to jump on board and get the best content management tool on the market today. One that just keeps getting better and better with age.

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Interfacing with the best third part applications, you will be able to personalise the content that Kontent Machine 4.0 scrapes using spinners such as;

Spin Chimp

Spinner Chief

Word AI

…and many others.

The interface gives you real control of the quality of output produced and the quantity is always sufficient to feed even the hungriest content marketer, keeping your SEO tools supplied with the link building content they need.

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Bookmarks
  • Bios
  • Introductions
  • “About Me”
  • Resource Boxes

You name it, Kontent Machine 4 will supply it, but that’s not all.

It produces files in such a way that they can be imported immediately into all the best SEO tools on the market

  • SENuke
  • Ultimate Demon
  • Licorne SEO
  • Sick Submitter
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker

and more.

The output from Kontent Machine can be structured to be suitable for press button import into any of these software applications.

Why Do I Need Content?

If you are seriously asking this, then maybe you might benefit from doing a little bit of SEO and affiliate marketing 101.

in 2015 links require context. Empty links, links with no surrounding content to tell the search engines if they are relevant or not do not work anywhere near as well as they once did. In fact too many of these “empty” links can even harm your website,

Search engine spiders see the link and anchor text, and then judge how relevant and contextual they are mostly by the content that surrounds them.

Kontent Machine 4.0 can scrape almost un-limitless amounts of this vital “SEO fuel” for you. Whether its a few dozen highly readable articles for first tier links spun to a high standard, or filler content to index your work in subsequent tiers, the settings within this indispensable application gives the user complete control over the balance between quantity and quality.

Content Marketing?

A newer approach to effect traffic building is content marketing. This often involves jumping on a trend or meme quickly and getting word out as fast as possible. Maybe adding value or editorial.

Kontent Machine can be used to scour the web for everything that is trending, allowing you to see new topics quickly and then add your own twist, curate existing content or just use the results as a “jumping off point” to write your own work.

The ability to add your own images and videos makes distribution of your own multimedia child’s play.

Made a great new Youtube video and want to broadcast it to hundreds of WEB2.0 sites in unique well written content?

Just import the URL of your video into content machine and ask it to embed it as part of the output. Load this into your favourite link building tool and see your new marketing video or image go viral. Yu don’t need to worry about the linking and embedding syntax – Kontent Machine 4 knows which ones to use for each platform.

KM does the grunt work leaving you to be creative. After all being creative and expressing yourself is the very essence of content marketing!

Unbeatable Support

I’ve used KM for well over a year now. I run campaigns regularly and am still amazed how often the product is updates. More than once a week on average.

New features are added at user request (or a good reason is given why it is not possible). With inbuilt support for just about every spinning, link building, captcha solving and proxy providing service you can think of, with more features and direct calls to other useful applications being coded all the time. Kontent Machine 3 is your one stop shop for all your content requirements.

Content Marketing – It’s Need and Importance Continue to Grow

Here’s an example of the importance of getting your marketing strategy just right. Think of how you watch TV now compared with say 15 years ago (if you are old enough to remember that). It’s a completely different experience, isn’t it?

The average watcher has now completely disconnected himself from conventional marketing techniques and strategies. Individuals have started using DVRs to bypass TV commercials, disregarding advertisements in periodicals, and don’t actually give much credence to online banners or other advertisements while surfing on the Internet. For these reasons, most traditional marketing, and advertising strategies and techniques have become irrelevant.

Smart entrepreneurs have realized that conventional marketing methods are becoming less effective with every passing day. Thus, they have started paying more attention to a better way – Content Marketing. Unfortunately, many online marketers continue to be confused about the basic concept of content promotion and marketing. If you want know more about this concept, continue reading this post.

What is Content Marketing?

The primary purpose of content promotion or marketing is to attract and even retain plenty of customers by continually creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. This content is developed with the intention of enhancing and modifying customer behavior. Content promotion and marketing is usually an ongoing process, and it ought to be integrated with your core marketing strategy.

In simple terms, such marketing is an art which assists you to communicate with your own prospects and buyers without selling anything. Instead of persuading customers and selling your products or services, you deliver information that makes a prospective shopper more intelligent and aware.

The underlying concept is that when business organizations provide ongoing, valuable and also relevant information to prospective buyers, they’ll be rewarded with loyalty. In the last few years, content promotion and marketing has become essentially the most effective marketing strategy.

Currently, it is used by many well-established and reputed marketing companies around the globe. In fact, it’s also used by many small companies and budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

How to Get Started with Content Marketing?

As mentioned earlier, understanding the basic concept of customer focussed interactions can be a real challenge for those not used to it. In some respects it can seem almost ludicrously subtle. The size of a font, the delay time for a pop up all need to be considered. in other ways it is as subtle as a sledge hammer with “Buy Now” and “Special Offer” banners in blazing neon colours cutting through. Many beginners find it challenging to get started with content promotion, marketing and advertising. Here is an in depth guide to produce a content marketing strategy right from the initial stages of your respective campaign.

Understand Objectives – Like every marketing strategy, content promotion and marketing also requires that you understand business goals. You also should determine realistic objectives, and set deadlines to realize them.

Develop Positioning – A company needs to know what triggers their visitor or customer into taking action. IN other words, where a customer needs and  your company’s expertise intersect. This will help you position yourself in the market according to the needs, requirements and preferences of your customers.

Understand Customers – Whenever we talk about passing relevant information to customers, it’s not possible to successfully reap benefits without understanding the customers or target audience. You should analyze their conduct, build specific shopper personas and figure out what sort of content your customers choose to receive.

Building Content – This is the most important stage of the process. You need to think about your existing work and how you can leverage it for greater success. Kontent Machine allows you to import your own written work, images and videos at the press of a button. Syndication and curation of your own work with the correct citation back to the original piece is an excellent way to progress. and even new content you need to build. You should audit your articles, including online written content, newsletters, files and many others. It is also important to figure out what you’ve been missing. You also need to asses the current state of content marketing inside your organization. Starting a blog is usually a perfect way to pass on your message across a diverse audience.

Develop a Schedule – It is very important make a schedule to get everything completed. You should create a production schedule and editorial calendar. You can also seek help from an editorial council. There are many freelancers who can help you with effective distribution and advertising. Even existing workers may lend a helping hand.

Share Content and Measure – Last but not the least, you need to share content by using different mediums such as blogs, article web directories, company’s website, public relations and many others. It is also vital that you continually measure the success of your respective campaign. In case an individual doesn’t see good success, he should make appropriate changes.

Kontent Machine’s Role In An Effective SEO Strategy

Almost every company sends some kind of information to its customers constantly. However, most of this information is neither valuable nor applicable. This is precisely why content promotion and marketing is usually an intriguing subject. This is where a tool like Kontent Machine becomes invaluable. In effect it become your muse, allowing you to find literally tens of thousands of web based resources for your particular niche in a matter of minutes. promotion and marketing makes an individual wait, stop, go through, think and behave in a different manner.

Marketing experts and many opinion leaders from over the world have discussed the value of content promotion, marketing and advertising. Most of the marketing gurus’ assume that content promotion and marketing is not only the present, but the future.

Regardless of different kinds of marketing strategies you employ, the use of Kontent Machine in your and marketing needs to be part of your core advertising campaign. It should be integrated with the strategies you’re already using. Quality plays a significant role in every type of marketing campaign, including Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations and many more. Kontent Machine allows you to stipulate the quality in precise detail. Add your own work or use the in built scraper

An Effective Content Marketing Tip

There are many tips regarding content promotion, marketing and advertising. Let us give a single Super Tip which can be the most effective part for your campaign. You need to come up with 30 questions, and create 90 pieces of high quality content in a period of 90 days. One article or multimedia release should be the answer to one question :

● 30 Blog Posts – The headline of the post should be the question, and the copy should be the answer. This is valuable and simple.

● 30 Videos – Although the topic should be the same, you can change the title. There are many people who prefer to watch rather than read. You shouldn’t burden yourself with any pressure. Even if you don’t have any experience with video production, you can still create simple videos with high quality multimedia shares to attract prospects.

● 30 Podcasts – Many people choose to listen and prefer audio. If the videos you made include audio, and not just presentations, podcasts can contain the audio track of your video. Kontent Machine can embed the codes for these with ease when distributing your product.

Within just 90 days, you will have 90 pieces of content. It will be easier to implement your viral marketing campaign in the form of infographics, ebooks and more. Such content will also inspire new content ideas.

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