SER Powerhouse and GSA SER

The Ultimate Trilogy Of Digital Marketing Tools To Tackle The 3 Biggest Problems Any Website Owner Has

Your off-site SEO is still the most important aspect in terms of ranking successfully with search engines that’s where SER Powerhouse comes in.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out Search Metrics infograph downloadable from here

Sure, over recent years we have seen a gradual shift towards a slight ranking benefit from on-site content, but the experts agree that to rank in competitive markets and niches your site will need an excellent back-link profile.

If you want to rank for a hobby topic with little or nor commercial opportunities, yes that’s possible with few links.


As soon as you enter the battle for a market where cash opportunities exist – all bets are off. You are going to need a serious number of backlinks, created in a professional manner and supported by top quality content – content on your site and around every one of your links – preferably every piece of content should be substantial and unique. Phew!

Power Needs Control SEO digital marketing

The Challenge!  You Need Power and Control

Firstly, Google prefers webmasters limit the creation of their own back links. They prefer what is sometimes known as “natural linking”.  That’s a joke right?

We all know that no matter how good your content is, unless you are a laureate quality author or have an already huge and established brand, very few if anyone is ever going to link to your content naturally.

In fact with the new site, you might as well forget it. Getting natural backlinks in anything like the quantity needed to rank is not going to happen in any competitive niche.

The second issue, is that the content that surrounds your back links is now increasingly important.

It used to be that links to a website from anywhere were good enough. It was just a case of getting as many as he could and that was enough to “rank and bank”.

These days the search engines come down hard on that tactic. They expect your back links to be surrounded by a high quality, relevant and contextual content. They have got a lot smarter at spotting “context”. So having a link in a website footer, on a blank page or in some content that is not remotely relevant to the topic your website is about? That might come back and hurt you – and hard. Creating natural links is hard unless you’re an expert or use a tool like SER Powerhouse

In short – the second issue is, your links now need their own relevant content.

The final issue, is the one that perhaps scares people the most.

Google and the other search engines like to find patterns.

Traditional back linking tools and methods have often been associated with the creation of patterns which makes it simple for Google to understand how the back links were made and to penalize those that it considers were created by the website owner or using bots.

You often hear search engine optimization experts talk about a back link footprint. It’s a real issue. The pattern traditional linking tools make is one of the biggest clues in Google’s armoury.

They see a pattern, and then they can take down an entire network based on tracing that pattern back to all the benefiting sites.

Those are three major problems – What is the solution?

These three issues prevent many new marketers from getting a start in the business. You’re never going to attract natural back links in a commercial niche. It just doesn’t happen. You’re going to need tons of content to surround your back links, and that content needs to be on-topic and relevant.

The kicker is, if you develop a method for doing this, you risk creating a footprint if you repeat it too often.  It might seem there is no point in even starting a career in digital marketing.

Luckily we have the solution!

Three problems, here are the three solutions.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA search engine ranker has long been considered one of the best back link creation tools on the market. It is incredibly powerful.

However, like many things that are powerful, there is a price to pay. The price is the complexity of the tool itself. It’s not particularly simple to use, there are some  features that many users would like to see added – and the default settings are in themselves perhaps the biggest back link footprint on the Internet.

Why? Well, because thousands of digital marketers use this tool, and most of them use GSA SER with the default settings. They turn it on – select a target website – and press go.

This creates huge numbers of links in exactly the same way each and every day.

Is it any surprise that Google can find the sites these links are pointing at – and slaps so many of these sites?

There is a real need to change back-linking methods often, to vary your system regularly and to stay on top of any changes that the search engines may introduce to their algorithms.

Using any tool out of the box with default settings will not provide the user with that level of security.

GSA search engine ranker is a superbly powerful tool, but to run it effectively, it needs the user to have a very deep understanding of it, and all the factors that Google looks for when ranking a website, not forgetting that those change regularly.

To get around that barrier to success the makers of Kontent Machine introduce.

SER Powerhouse

SER Powerhouse is the new companion tool for GSA search engine ranker. Take a look at the video below for an idea of the power that it offers:



SER Powerhouse has the ability to turn even a novice user of GSA search engine ranker into an expert user within minutes.

By simply running through the easy-to-read radial dial’s from left to right and selecting from the well explained and easy to understand options in each one, it is possible to set up truly unique linking structures every time you start the tool. Subtle variations can be introduced in the middle of a link building run, and no two sites need be promoted in exactly the same way.

SER PowerhouseWith the ability to add powerful elements such as co-citation, multiple tiered linking, automatic content refreshes (when combined with Kontent Machine), variable anchor text, granular targeting, simple selection of platforms either by type or name, white listing and blacklisting of websites based on authority, word lists and many other factors makes SER Powerhouse the ideal companion tool for GSA search engine ranker.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the way that it seamlessly integrates with our third solution which is:

Kontent Machine

Kontent machine is the gold standard standalone content scraper, spinner and formatting tool on the Internet. Feature rich, proven and reliable, Kontent Machine is capable of creating links for the millions of articles on the topics you designate for either your website or to surround your links as they are placed on third-party websites. Kontent machine has his own for review here.

Check out the features in this video.

Off-site SEO is as important as ever, there is free major barriers to being a success in a commercial market for digital marketers, in particular those with many all-new websites. Link creation, the need to very your linking footprint, an increasing need for content provides serious obstacles. GSA search engine ranker, SER powerhouse, and content machine provided three cost effective solutions to those problems.

I guess most of you reading this will already own one or two of those tools. They are not new, they are tried and trusted and have been on the market for several years. Why not consider rounding out your arsenal of SEO weapons today.

Why Content Links and Control are Vital in SEO

Without the need to reinvent the wheel, we understand the vitality of good quality content in SEO. Optimization might lead traffic to your site but it is also the ability of your content to engage and entice that gives you constant traffic. In essence, the quality of your content is crucial in attaining good rankings in the search engines.

Links act as billboards that direct traffic towards your site. The correlation that exists between links and content is of the symbiotic variety, in which both benefit greatly from the other. You can have the greatest content in the entire web but without anyone knowing how to find you, you might as well not be there. Alternatively, you might have dozens of links bringing traffic to your site only for them to find poor content that only serves to discourage them from repeat visits.

It is therefore a crucial relationship, that of links and content. When done right, striking the perfect synergy between the links directing traffic to your site and the quality of your content significantly enhances your visibility in the rankings.

Good Linking Practices

Adding links to your content requires a level of tact and moderation. Text-embedded links are more inviting when presented as an interesting description of the context. As opposed to generalized terms such as “click here”, offering a snippet of information on the link’s description makes it more appealing to the reader. SER Powerhouse can help you by having the ability to control exactly what links are created, where and what anchor text is used,

Moderation should be observed when using links. Search engines like Google are often wary of sites with too many links. As an off-site optimization method, one of the many benefits of the proper use of links is that they give you control and improve your visibility exponentially. Check how many links your competitors have. Build links in blocks of perhaps 50 or 100 a time and leave days, perhaps weeks between each block. You can set up GSA, SER Powerhouse and Kontent Machine to do all of this hard word and scheduling for you.

Outbound links

Co-citation is great. When you post an article add links to other sites not just your own. Add several in fat. This does two important things.

  • It creates trust. Giving your assertions a source or reference means the article is more likely to be well received.
  • The second benefit is that It makes life VERY difficult for Google to track self promotion. An article with links to 3 or 4 landing pages in it on different sites. Which one is the potential self promoter?

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about citing other resources within your site is that you stand to lose all your traffic to those sites with the helpful content. This could not be further from the truth. The more your site proves to be resourceful enough to bring together all the information your readers need from all over the web, the more likely people will visit even more. Sites like this often tend to outrank the others.

Control of your offsite SEO is one of the prevailing undertones in the benefits you enjoy when you integrate good linking practices with high quality content. Offsite SEO generally entails modifying the visibility of your site using the relevant sites via outbound links. Using links can help you achieve higher rankings in the following ways:

1. Connects You with Resourceful Allies

Let’s say for instance that your site is still relatively small. In an article, you decide to link out to a larger, more established site as you avail more information for your content. Gradually, the site will notice the visits resulting from the link regardless of how small the number is and they will investigate. In a twist of events, they might even become interested in what you are offering. Alternatively, if they like the particular post they have been linked to, they will not hesitate to link to your site. As you can see, any outcome is highly beneficial for you. Linking out can help you make some very resourceful or well-established friends whose influence can help you increase your ranking greatly. I’m guessing most who read this have small sites. Limited budgets for promotion? SER Powerhouse and GSA Search Engine Ranker gives your site that push it needs – affordable and simple to use.

2. Increases the Value of Your Site

Linking out gives you the chance to become the go-to reference resource for your users by providing them with all the information on your niche. No matter how resourceful you might be, giving your users reliable links to external sites that offer more information will always be a great retention technique. If the users find your site to be a mine of information from carefully gathered resources from all over the internet, chances are they will be back for more. It might seem like a small gesture but your users will appreciate how easy you are making it for them to get the information they need. The increased hits from the repeat visits will exponentially move you up the rankings. Revenue generation, visitors, sign ups etc. All will be improved once you get more natural links. SER Powerhouse is the tool to get you from where your site is now – to the place where it can complete with the big boys. In conjunction with GSA SER and Kontent Machine. SER Powerhouse completes the SEO link builders puzzle by providing the total solution.

3. Algorithmically Rewarding

As much as Google hates links that appear to be spam, it also rewards any links to sites that seem legit. SER Powerhouse gives your link profile this legitimacy. An application that serves to do exactly this is the “anti-trustrak”, which verifies your links to determine their authenticity in order to separate them from the spam links. The number of legit sites you link out to or which link out to you can be turned into an algorithm by the search engine to rank your site higher every time a search is conducted. As such, the more you link to outside resources and users, the more the search engine views your site as legit and promotes your rankings in the searches.

4. Sites Might Return the Favor

The internet is not a dreary place where people only serve their own individualistic purposes (save for a few exceptions.) Linking out to other sites in the form of co-citation grabs their attention and more often than not, they might return the favour by linking out to you too. Linking is your site’s way of telling other sites that you are also available to participate in the linking environment of the web as opposed to being a self-reliant website. This cyber interaction leads to your site experiencing increased visits as a result of the links. Similar to how human networking works, the more you link out, the more inbound links you receive. Use citation in SER Powerhouse, an easy option, and you never know, the site you linked to might help you power up your link profile, or even your main money site!

5. Brings In Helpful Characters to Fortify Your Efforts

The web is full of people who are capable of taking the traffic on your site to another level. When you show consistency and the tendency to grasp opportunities when linking, the control that SER Powerhouse offers, and you give the influential crowd of the internet the incentive to help you. These might be bloggers who decide to link you in an article, journalists who decide to review your site and even in chat room forums where they can talk about your site in depth.

The advantages of linking are not restricted to these five. There are many more ways one stands to benefit from linking out to other sources. Contrary to popular belief linking out does more good than harm. Nevertheless, linking will forever coexist with content to provide the user with a way to exercise control over his/her offsite SEO.